HELP! Can you be in ketosis with a negative breathalyzer test?

(Jillian) #21

Well… were happy to report… he popped in to measurable ketosis. Just a few days later than me. I know its about how you feel… but seeing him light up having a breath test register… made me really happy. We’re already feeling the increase in energy and the loss of water weight and it only strengthens our team mentality. It just shows how individual this journey can be… but to both see individual test results does add that little confirmation that you are doing something right.

(Jane Suzanne Stewart) #22

Log total carbs, not net carbs.
Some whipped cream has a thickener added. Check the ingredients. Most have carbs. I thought I found one without, then read the ingredients.
Some products like sausage and/or bacon have sugars (there are LOTS of names to use for sugar, so it doesn’t LOOK like sugar at a glance; be careful) and/or thickeners, seed oils, etc. in there. Check the ingredients.
Too many nuts can have a lot of carbs. It depends on what you’re eating. Check the ingredients. Avoid nuts processed in seed oils. I searched and found this: If you’re eating 2 oz. of mixed nuts 2 times/day, that’s almost 25 carbs right there alone!
Be aware of the mixed veggies. Some veggies are higher in carbs. When you buy mixed products, you have no control over how much of what.

It is far, far better to buy whole, real foods (single ingredient) and prep your own meals. Then you really know what you’re consuming. Remember, the rounding rules of “5 or more raises the score” we all learned in school goes out the window in food production. They’re allowed to “round down” and do, so it looks like there are fewer carbs than are really there. And if you have more than one serving (check size of a single serving), you can be getting carbs you didn’t know were there (happened to me!). Best to avoid processed foods all together.

You shouldn’t need to snack at all. The protein and fat should be providing satiety. Wean yourself off those, and eventually move to two meals a day for a while. If you can transition to one meal a day, all the better.