Governmental response to Covid-19, Sweden, etc

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Do you have evidence to support this or is it just theory? If so could you supply a link as I would be curious?


The article above links to the following scientific paper.

Blood group B also have immunity because they also produce Anti-A antibodies like type O’s.

Negative blood groups are more immune because they lack the antigens on their cell surface. Virus needs antigens to gain entry into cell.

We observed that the S protein/angiotensin-converting enzyme 2-dependent adhesion of these cells to an angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 expressing cell line was specifically inhibited by either a monoclonal or human natural anti-A antibodies,

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The science presented seems to be information gathered from the SARS-CoV strain and not the new Covid-19 virus. It is my understanding that Covid-19 doesn’t react the same as the SARS virus and that is why it has grown to pandemic levels and why scientists are scrambling to learn more answers. This would suggest that blood type does not have immunity capability as it does with SARS.

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Agreed. The only crisis here is loss of commerce which means loss of income for millions.

My state has not been “locked down” and we are not under any stay at home orders. Not that measures haven’t been taken, but not as drastic as some states. Dine-in closed, barbers closed, no pubic gatherings, limit customers, etc.

45 deaths in Arkansas. We peaked 2 weeks ago and cases steady going down until a huge outbreak at a prison, so I expect a spike in deaths in about 3 weeks also.

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That would be great for me if true! O-neg here

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Thanks for the first-hand info. Your report is much more positive than the impression from the media (Swedes are doing nothing)


The virus evolved from Sars-cov. It’s not a completely new virus.

Like I said… Too many silent asymptomatic spreaders in denial because of their innate immunity.

I have A+ blood and I’ve lived and still living through hell. I’m not the only one.

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Exactly… my husband has been working from home for about six weeks now. (we live in Sweden)

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Agreed - I think Australia had a more timely response than most countries, and its experience is demonstrating that it’s approached things well. Hard to argue with:

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While there were a few things back 14 or 15 years ago, about the first SARS outbreak, I don’t see anything about Covid-19 and the Rh factor (the “positive” or “negative”) now.

In China, I see one study on blood type:

It’s not that one blood type is “immune” or anything, it’s that from this one study there does appear to be a little more risk for Type A (and perhaps B and AB) while type O has a little less risk. More, better, and larger studies will probably be done over time, while some of the subject groups in the Chinese study were fairly small.

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Thanks @OldDoug, that helps in understanding.


“We know some of the Coronaviruses that infect cattle have proteins on their surface that bind to sugars and sugars are what dictate blood group antigens*. If you are blood group A, you have an extra sugar on the surface of your cells called anacitosal glucosamine, which you don’t have if you are blood group O.”,-rendering-it-incapable-of-transporting-oxygen--current-medical-protoco


UK is not including deaths in aged care so not comparable numbers.


Thats good that your workplace is adequately supplied. My GP is in the Inner West of Sydney and her practice (which is a very good one) were unable to buy scrubs but they are not a hospital and they are not supplied by the health department.
They now have them (donated by a tv program) and they are sent out for laundering and they all shower at the practice before leaving. Unfortunately, GPs are on their own…

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It’s true that those countries aren’t yet counting Covid-19 deaths the same way, but Sweden would still have the top spot in that list if they were. The U.K., for example, has about 24% as many deaths where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate but was not tested for, compared to Covid-19 deaths in hospitals - which is the reported count for now.

The U.S. wasn’t counting deaths outside of hospitals in the beginning, but has switched over. It will take a while to get caught up - the reporting system is slow in many places, going through governmental and non-governmental coroners, magistrates, etc.

For countries with already-substantial number of deaths and which aren’t counting out-of-hospital deaths - I’m thinking of Italy, Spain, France, etc. - the picture gets grimmer yet.

Spain, for example, reported 12,401 Covid-19 deaths from March 9 to April 5. But there were 19,700 more deaths than normal during that time period. Obviously - there being nothing else unusual going on - those deaths are overwhelmingly due to Covid-19.

New York City - lots of people, “lots” of people dying all the time, aside from the virus. But the overall death rate in NYC has been four times the normal rate. Take out the normal amount of deaths, and take out the counted Covid-19 hospital deaths, and there are still thousands of deaths, i.e. the true death rate there from Covid-19 is ~25% higher than stated.

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Blimey - that’s sounding rough. Adjust that for the populations of the UK and USA and it’s like the US having 123,000 deaths.



Imperial College modeller Prof Neil Ferguson UK

Sweden’s model explained

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This is why whatever Sweden is doing won’t work in the US. Was just on a Zoom call with my wife’s sister who lives in Sweden:

She was saying that when the Swedish government comes out with guidance, everyone follows it. Everyone.

Meanwhile, we have someone on the Zoom call from the US violently shaking his head and making the sign of the cross. You’re going to have to pull his cold dead hands off his gun before you make him do something he doesn’t want to do.

This is why I don’t understand why people in the US are idolizing Sweden. If there are any rules at all that Sweden is following, forget it. The US can’t do it.

Same with South Korea. They not only tested many, many people, but you were quarantined and tracked. That’s going to happen in the US.

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No doubt, Bob -

If there is “idolizing of Sweden” going on - it’s mostly people who are not aware of what’s really going on. An oversimplified “Swedes aren’t staying at home and Sweden is fine…” view. If people isolated just as much due to government suggestion or request, versus legal mandate, it would not matter. I’m not saying that Swedes are staying at home as much as in certain other countries, but they’re much closer to doing that than to nobody staying home.