Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Cheryl, may I ask if you’re on insulin? I take two injections a day and can’t eat until 30 min after each one. The kicker is that they need to be 10 hours apart, so as much as I’d like to eat following your schedule, it doesn’t seem as if I can do so.

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I dont require insulin, I take metformin twice daily, and Victoza once daily subq, your injection schedule will make it impossible right now for you to change your eating timing. My A1C in August 2017 was 10.8, in January 2018 was 7.5, then just recently in May 2018 was 5.9. My doctor didnt want to take me off on the 2 meds that I am currently on until I have another A1C done in a couple of months. I know so well how difficult it is to change your life style. I work so I pack a lunch/coffee/and sometimes supper 7 days in a row, then i have 7 off days in a row, there is ALWAYS high carb food in the break room (emergency department of a hospital) so my carb addiction is always tested. I found that after i started resting better, drinking my water and getting accustomed to the fatty foods we are allowed I started to feel better, I hope that you can too.

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FYI, I spent a little time cleaning up the markdown of the FAQ. The markdown for formatting the details of the FAQ is persnickety about line breaks and extra characters. in short use the “details=” and the close details tags on their own line. Otherwise, the FAQ is unreadable with the mishmash of markup and narrative text.

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does anyone know how to modify your stats, a1c etc, to record the changes


Yes. On the top right of the screen you should see your profile picture. Click that followed by the small cog (Preferences).

On the left you should see:


Click Profile. Scroll down and you can edit your stats.


The body fat calculater link is AMAZING!!!
It answered so many questions for me!
Calorie stuff, body fat, macros for me, info too!,
SEE BULLET #5, “Can u help me calculate my macros”


i give up…how or where is a link to invite?

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An invite for who or what?


to invite a friend to see a keto artical, even if they have to join to do so.

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #32

Ah, OK.

At the bottom of the post there’s a symbol that looks like a couple of chain links - if you click on that it will give you a link you can send.


many thanks…giving!