Does the insomnia go away on its own?


When you start keto your hormones go whacky for a while, that’ll give you issues staying asleep everytime!

Was most likely the Valerian, melatonin does nothing for keeping you sleeping, only helps falling asleep. The magnesium may help, just make sure you’re taking enough as a whole and just not at bedtime, most people are pretty magnesium deficient as is.

If you want a stack that works amazing, Melatonin (a normal amount, like 1-2mg), 5-HTP, PharmaGABA, Magnesium, L-tryptophan, L-theanine. That’s basically a ripoff of the Doc Parsley’s sleep remedy, which works amazing but is very overpriced. He’s a Doctor and former Navy Seal that works with people who can’t sleep to save their life.

I buy most of those from Nutricost to keep it affordable (and it’s good stuff) and that way it’ll last a decent while. Nutricost also has a sleep formula which is pretty descent, but not as good as ripping off sleep remedy, it’s pretty much like a Sleepytime Tea but in pill form.

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According to Dr. Robert Lustig, the entire body can use serotonin, so to get tryptophan into the brain involves getting enough so that some makes it across the blood-brain barrier, instead of getting diverted to make serotonin elsewhere in the body.

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Someone might’ve already mentioned this but when you’re first transitioning into fat burning, your body doesn’t exactly know how many ketones is appropriate. In my experience, at the beginnning when testing for ketones on urine strips it was a very high rating and during that time I would wake at 4-5AM ready to go feeling fully rested. It was almost concerning.

As things settled into place my test strips now show a MUCH more regulated ketone level because my body has gotten better at burning what it needs so it can produce fewer ketones. A part of that, I now sleep soundly all night long and wake on a normal cycle. (I’m fortunate enough to not have to set an alarm most days.) Hang in there. At four weeks your body is absolutely still making adjustments. Always be patient and trust the process. Until then, enjoy your mornings and do what you can to tire yourself out before bed:) KCKO!