Does keto/lowcarb mimic UTI symptoms?

(karen) #21

I think I have figured out what’s going on with my UTI-like symptoms. This may be way TMI, but here goes …

I finally took a mirror to the area, and was really surprised to notice that my urethra looks strange. Sort of swollen and like a little donut, very red in the center. This is not a classic e-coli uti that can be cured with D-mannose powder (which btw is absolutely awesome for that purpose, I cannot praise it enough as natural and practically instantaneous relief). What I’m dealing with appears to be a somewhat prolapsed urethra, and I believe it’s the natural acidity of the ketones in my urine that has aggravated it. I’m not exactly sure how to work with it because it seems to be so directly linked: ketones = irritation (or maybe even erosion of the lining of the urethra) = pain, and I don’t want to give up ketosis. There are some home remedies or the suggestion of estrogen cream, I may have to pursue this with a “real” doctor, one of my least favorite activities on earth.

Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there that you might want to actually take a peek at yourself, especially if you are nearing or past menopause. I don’t think the ketones caused the prolapse but they are irritating the lining of the urethra, which is in crisis for other reasons (in my case lack of estrogen, I think).

(Enicole Jones) #22

Just went to urgent care and blood sugars are good and No UTI. I thought I had one as well… Weird.

(Bunny) #23

I take grape seed extract and pine bark extract every week for the past 25 + years and probably why I never experienced this mysterious UTI like thing ever in my life or a real UTI?


[1] “…For a UTI to occur, bacteria must invade and adhere to the lining of the bladder. Inside cranberries are molecules called Proanthocyanidins (PACs). These PACs can help stop bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall and reduce the chance of infection. …” …More

[2] “…One study showed that a low-carbohydrate diet like keto can cure some instances of UTI.

  • Out of 16 cases, 5 were cured completely with the keto diet, 4 were cured by adding ammonium nitrate to keto, 2 more were cured by adding hexamine after the ammonium nitrate, and 5 cases were improved but not fully sterilized. Of those final 5 improved patients, 3 left the hospital before treatment completed, 1 had an underlying condition that interfered with their metabolism, and 1 failed to take the diet as directed.
  • This study is from 1933 and has not been recreated since.
  • Researchers concluded that the keto diet is unsuitable for out-patient treatment because there is a great likelihood that without hospital supervision, the diet will not remain strict enough to completely sterilize the urine. (So, how committed are YOU to keto?)

While in practical terms eating keto and getting into ketosis is not the recommended cure for UTIs, these results are nevertheless an indication that the ketogenic diet in those with frequent UTIs can help prevent urinary tract infection by lowering the amount of sugar in urine. …” …More

(Sophia Fragoulopoulou) #24

Exact same situation. Got a d-mannose and cranberries supplement and symptoms subsided on second day. Plus I drink lots of water whenever I pass by the kitchen throughout the day!