Does Biotin help with hair loss?

(Stephanie Pratt) #1

My hair falls out so bad and it’s driving me nuts! At the risk of adding another supplement to my pill box I wanted to ask you first. Give it to me straight… :grinning:

(Michelle) #2

I had a friend have good luck using biotin. It has not helped me. I think if there are other underlying issues, then it’s just another pill in the pill box.

(Polly Bennett) #3

I say yes. My hair started to fall out after about 6 months on ketogenics. I added biotin AND collagen and after 5 months my hair loss has diminished greatly.

This is the collagen I get:

(eat more) #4

maybe these will help?

i take biotin but who’s to say that it’s doing anything.

we make biotin and on keto eat a lot of biotin rich foods…eggs, meat, almonds, fish, chicken, butter, cheese, etc etc etc

(Dustin Cade) #5

i just started adding a biotin supp last night, I’ve had an increasing bald spot in the front before i started keto, i think this was more to my sleep apnea, i have been on a sleep apnea machine since July… keto since September… we’ll see if it helps at all, I’m not looking for regrowth, only the slowing of the loss…

(Jessica ) #6

It helped me until I stopped taking it. Then all my hair started falling out again, and a little worse at first.


Is hair loss a well known keto side effect? Are there any scholarly or otherwise links about this? Really curious

(eat more) #8

there’s one on diet doctor it i think it’s more of a KCKO piece.
there’s always a growth, resting, shedding phase and hormones definitely disrupt that and ppl panic.
i have clients that i’ve done for years think they’re losing hair…they’re just noticing the shedding more…same amount of hair for 98% of them

(Anne Frias) #9

Biotin and a supplement called MSM is good for combating hair loss.

(Carol Rhodes-Rice) #10

I have heard the biotin causes weight gain? Anyone here who has taken it experience that?