Do I need to render this down?


What if they get most of their nutrients from the meat part? It isn’t that super low, obviously. They just eat a ton of fat as well. At least Amber who actually uses up a lot of energy though carnivores often eat much anyway…


Well, no, not “all” of us, I did for years and wondered why I couldn’t lose any fat anymore… but you can’t guess how I fixed that? Couple HUNDRED extra cals that didn’t need to be there for the WIN! I’m hardly the only person here who stopped needlesly fay-ifying things, took that nonsense out and up’d the protein with much better results.

If your metabolic rate can handle hundreds of extra cals with no nutrition along for the ride, cool, do what works for you. But many can’t. I’d argue the majority, actually. By that logic I could soak some cardboard in exogenous ketones, same thing really. Energy with something useless just for the sake of chewing on something. I like to get the most out of my food, and I can think of a ton of other ways to get by fat in that’s incredibly tasty vs chewing on beef discards, and I love all things beef.

4TBSP of that fat and I could easily swap that for another piece of steak, more butter or cheese on my dinner, another TBSP of peanut butter on my chocolate desert. All of it would have an actual benefit behind it vs tasting awesome.


I agree with this, actually.
The diet has fat ANYWAY so it’s no problem.
It was about eating much extra fat or not. And it depends on the person. Today I deliberately went for fat because I overate protein yesterday like crazy, again…

I like my leaner meat now so I need to add fat*. It would be very, very bad to think about fat as something bad. And I don’t even have a high energy need! :smiley:

*Even though I STILL tend to cling to my added fat minimalization but I like fatty protein too. And I tend to overeat fat. Hence the playing with variously fatty protein sources. But if one needs way more calories than me, they often need lots of added fat (or something super fatty). I wouldn’t avoid added fat with a decent energy need either.


Yeah, of course some people are able to cook with ZERO added fat and never touch butter, fine. It wasn’t literal I guess but very, very nearly all of us eat added fat. How could we not? I aim for zero and still can’t avoid 2-5g added fat a day.

Almost exclusively everyone, then :slight_smile:


I already minimized my fat intake YEARS before keto. I ate way, way more fattier on high-carb. I only ate as much as I couldn’t help to eat.

But indeed, some people add fat to everything. Some people actually NEED it, there is the type who automatically starves on keto and doesn’t even feel it.
Others need some but not that much.

But we all need a different amount of fat. Sometimes it’s 2-300g per meal. Those people may find extra fat very helpful. (It’s not even an extreme thing :wink: I wouldn’t bat an eye if I had a 200g fat meal, it may be perfect occasionally.)

But even if it’s little, it can be partially added fat. It’s so funny I need to talk about added fat not being the enemy of everyone on a keto forum! :smiley:

Oh, I argued for @Naghite, actually :wink: But partially for everyone who fancy some nice extra fat, as much as they can handle well :wink:

What about fatty meats then? I have a cute one, 71% fat in weight. It will have a very important role in my fat-loss mission… I don’t see a big difference between eating that or pure fat and leaner meat…

By that logic I could soak some cardboard in exogenous ketones, same thing really.

No because that wouldn’t be tasty… I am a hedonist, taste has a highly important role. I don’t like beef fat personally but I like pork fat :slight_smile:

Butter is the same: basically just fat.
I can’t swap fat with protein as I already overeat it and it has various problems.
Besides… I may need merely food for energy as I am hungry and reached the point where I just can’t eat much more protein (pretty hard for me but there is that point, my body is quite smart and I can’t protein poison myself). It’s unfortunate as I can’t eat only fat but if I could, I would eat it then.

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I always thought fat had some nutrition too, so looked up beef fat and nope, just fat calories (apart from a bit of Vit E).

Fat, beef tallow Nutrition Facts & Calories (

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One thought: a good reason to eat fat as a way of getting calories, as opposed to getting those calories from protein or carbs, is fat has a minimal effect on insulin.

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Could use grass fed tallow, and note that some are missing in nutrition self, so here are two links you can combine as needed to get a better idea of nutrition therein