Diverticular disease…any current info?

(Doug) #21

Right on, Paul. One of the best right there. :sunglasses:

(Marion) #22

Keto informed dietician added in half a metric cup of broccoli, celery, zucchini this week with each meal if I wish. Meals still built around protein.
Also olives, parsley, cider vinegar now okay. Really enjoyed my first olives…bought ones that were in vinegar not oil because I mistrust oils that aren’t labelled these days.

It is pretty exciting to have more choice!

(Robin) #23

Make sure they all over cooked, small bites, we’ll chewed in the beginning.
You couldn’t pay me to have celery again… to fibery and stringy… gives me a flair up every time.


I love the description of what you are eating for protein Marion. It’s quite inspiring.

(Marion) #25

Thanks Robin. I will be very careful. So far I am just adding a little veg here and there.

(Marion) #26

Thanks FrancoBear. :grinning:

(B Creighton) #27

One of the reasons I am not carnivore, is I believe some fiber is beneficial to feed beneficial gut bacteria which make SCFAs which are beneficial for our own gut cells. It is also known that if starved of fiber, some gut bacteria will eat the mucin in our own gut lining to try to survive. For this reason I also do not believe in long-term fasting. However, this does not mean all plant fiber is beneficial. Too much fiber can harm the gut by causing constipation which is damaging to the gut lining. Some common plants eaten are high in oxalates or lectins. I have begun to keep those lower. Most people don’t realize that plants such as lettuce are actually fairly high in oxalates. They give kale a hard time, but lettuce has at least 10 times the oxalates. Parsley is higher than spinach in oxalates. I don’t know if oxalates are bad for the gut lining, but I think they are problematic for many - especially the elderly. My personal unproved opinion is that our general love affair with antibiotics have killed off a lot of the gut probiotics such as Oxalobacter spp which help us deal with oxalates. Most, if not all the peoples of the blue zones are much less prone to use antibiotics.

(Marion) #28

Hadn’t realised til I got the hard copy of all my blood tests.
Full blood count is within reference limits…for the first time in 19 years…
So, I will keep calm and carnivore on, don’t think I need veggies just yet.

What is weird is that a marker for allergies, ECP has risen.
And a few other things are out of whack still, but dietician thinks they will respond to supplements.

So I think I will stop frying meat and fish in butter and see what happens with ECPafter I try that for 3 months.
Have been using sheep and beef tallow for frying…but mixing in butter.:joy: