Diet has not changed...but showing trace ketones and weight plateau

(Carl Keller) #21

To push past a stall, you can try

  1. Reduce or eliminate artificial sweeteners to keep your insulin low.
  2. Eliminate dairy and nuts since both are very easy to overeat. I was able to reduce my daily caloric intake by about 300 without affecting my hunger at all.
  3. Try one meal a day, 1-2 day fasts and occasional feast days to assure your metabolism that famine is not a threat.
  4. Try total carbs instead of net carbs. Dr. Westman says total carbs is precription strength keto and net carbs is over the counter keto.
  5. Stick to real food as much as possible. Fat bombs, keto bread, keto cake etc won’t do you any favors if you are stalled.

(bulkbiker) #22

Not really… especially if you don’t like them…

(Full Metal Keto) #23

Hi Meredith, I see you’ve just been at this three months and have lost 25 lbs. That’s not too shabby, about 2 lbs per week average. You should know that weight loss will not be linear. You can’t expect X amount of pounds per week. You haven’t had the scale move for a week. That’s not being stuck or stalling. That’s normal. Your body isn’t just dropping fat but subtle recomposition is going on. Maybe waist size decreased while skeletal weight absorbed some more calcium and is more dense now. You’re also a young woman and your weight is going to vary throughout your natural monthly cycle. Just remember the trend is your friend. Don’t worry about what happens in one week, keep records and look at what happens over a couple of months. It will rise and fall all the time but likely it will have a downward trend. Just ride it out. :cowboy_hat_face: