Continuing to carry the keto message

(Mark Rhodes) #1

I wrote a thing couple months back that made it into M…A…I…L @richard on the 2 Keto Dudes Podcast. I mentioned I was carrying the message by talking with others including my senior engineer. Locally we now have 7 people keto and their families.

I have since branched out!! I just got published in our corporate newsletter serving about 300 plus employees complete with a plug about Ketofest 2018! I currently have the ear of our VP and have suggested a corporate Keto endorsement as a means of de-escalating our expenditures of our costs for employee healthcare.

Hopefully I linked the article properly

KCKO indeed!

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(Alec) #2

Are we planning ahead that far?? Blimey, we’re organised!! :joy::joy::+1:

(Mark Rhodes) #3

FIXED!! Keto hasn’t worked on my fat fingers!!!

(Alec) #4

Everyone is going to wonder what the hell I was talking about!! :joy::joy::+1:

(Alec) #5

Fatastic article BTW. Brilliant!

(Mark Rhodes) #6

HA! now you need to get clever with your edit!!!


Amazing and inspirational.