Coconut oil for dementia

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And as a follow up to that post, here’s a video that gets into K2, D3, Mg, Omega 3’s and low carbs on reducing arterial calcification – more in the context of heart health – but my sense it is a complementary way to approach other vascular conditions such as dementia and Alzheimers.

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Thank you!!

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I’ve recently heard more about K2. I may add that as well to his regimen. My dad has mild dementia (independent living but I manage his life, appts, finances, etc). I’m mainly trying to see if I’m can either stabilize improve him. So far I’ve only given him diarrhea (he really liked the fat bombs!).

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Just watched a video with Dr. David Diamond from the Kick Sugar 2019 seminar today. He was talking about how Dr. Mary Newport, whose husband had very bad alzheimers researched the drug that they couldn’t get for him, he was too sever for the trial. Turns out the pharma company had basically patented coconut oil. She started giving him it every day and he has over a couple of years regained a termendous amount of his cognitive abilities back. No long term studies have been done about it however. He thinks MCT oil would help if someone can’t just take coconut oil daily.

I had stopped doing coconut based fat bombs so this made me rethink that decision. I have some chocolate coconut fat bombs in the freezer now. Cocao powder in those is supposedly good for your brain, helps with moods etc.too.

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One of the reasons coconut oil and the MCT oils are purported to help dementia is that in Alzhimers, from what I’m hearing, the brain cannot get the energy it needs from the glucose that had been insulting the brain over the years. The plaques may be a way for the brain to try to protect its self from all this sugar, but too much may be very bad. Surprisingly some people who die with these plaques had no signs of dementia.
There have been drugs that were able to remove these plaques but the subjects got worse so these trials were stopped.
So ketones are better able to be utilized by these brains and at least anidotaly people have reversed at least some of the symptoms. We need some studies on this for sure. But as there are no cures, this is at least something that may help. It is a well known fact that Alzhimer brains cannot uptake sugars very well. That is why it is also called diabetes type 3.

(Wendy) #26 Amy Berg explains it better than I can. :wink:


Does using MCT powder have the same effect as oils for brain health?

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I honestly don’t know.