Clarification on carb counts


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By irritate do you mean IBS-D? Because I wish. I was told all this stuff can irritate IBS and make it… runny hah but that does not work for me I’m trying to make it happen more not less. Not sure if there is different rules for IBS C or D

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Thanks I count every single gram that goes into my.body mostly because I’m anal and skeptical and I’m.doing this to optimize health and I want to do it proper. I wassplanning on stopping once I got used to it. Also IBS flares terrify me so I count fibre religiously on this which doesbt seem to help.

Also I wanna give this years and years but the digestion issues terrify me. I cant do yewrs of weekly IBS flare ups when I can just eat fruit or carbs and be back on virtually no flare ups. I guess I’m holding out because I do believe in this woe and I believe its healthy and I’m hoping to God this is just me adapting and it will get better

Honestly I love the feeling when I’m not bloated or gassy, when my ketones are above 1. When my beai feels kinda better and I’m not hungry. But lately it’s been the opposite, constantly bloated or gassy, constipated and miserable. I feel like I’m slowly getting hungrier by the day and I honestly havent changed anything. Maybe I am far fa to early. Today I’m carving up gonna eat some whole.grain bread and fruit and then fast for 20 hours and start again and see how I feel

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No, same issue. Constipation + pain. I do best with no carbs at all.

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I totally vote for dropping chia, I don’t have diagnosed IBS or IBD, but anytime I have had something with chia seeds I had horrible tummy issues (none of which included going more frequently). If you have an undiagnosed condition that causes inflammation in your intestines, small seeds of any kind would be a huge no-no too.

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For someone with health issues, I believe any type of diet (not just keto) requires giving it time for adjustment, along with experimenting to see what works best. There is no one prescription for doing keto, only general guidelines. When people say “you can eat whatever you want as long as it’s less than 20 carbs”… that’s correct, but that “whatever” also is extremely individual.

I have mast cell activation syndrome and various autoimmune issues, and I know that I do WAY better on a low-carb diet. How low do I need to keep my carbs? Net or total? What foods can I eat? What foods send me into a tailspin? Those are all things I have to figure out, and the answers affect different aspects of my goals. For me, the main goal is avoiding flares, but my “flares” will be very different than someone else, even if they have the same general types of issues. There are no clear, concrete answers to everything for everyone in every situation, regardless of what diet you’re on. I know that I’m committed to low carb because it works better for me than anything else; the rest is an ongoing experiment. I have some answers at this point, but not all of them, and even the answers I think I have can change as other circumstances change.

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So carnivore? Jeez that seems drastic hah. I did so so erll on carbs for my IBS. Everything else sucked haha

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Ok so how long do you test for? Like if I test for chis seeds do I stop eating them fkr a week? Month? If that foesnt work move onto the next food?

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Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear answer to that. In my case, I often know fairly quickly if something is affecting me adversely, because the symptoms usually start within a few hours (sometimes sooner) and peak the next morning. However, I also have environmental allergies, which can throw off any testing, as can being around a dog or cat, being somewhere dusty, exposure to mold or bleach, etc etc etc. So I end up testing some things multiple times. For instance, after LOTS of testing I’ve just determined that I can’t eat brie, despite being able to eat just about any other cheese. :hot_face:

Do you know how long it takes between eating something and having your symptoms start? If so, I would probably try to test one item at a time and keep everything else the same as much as possible (an elimination diet, of sorts). With that method, I’ve identified a lot of things I can’t eat over time. Hope you can find some relief.

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Sadly my IBS have never been specific food based mostly if I’m not “going” my body forces me to with intense pain so I needed a diet that kept my regular. So I’m now at a new junction with this. I’m starting to think veggies may be a problem. I’ve been eating probably a good pound or 2 of veggies in 2 meals a day and intermittent fasting and I feel that’s probably far to much. I hit 13 net carbs just after breakfast with eggs bacon veggies and coffee hah

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That’s a LOT of vegetable matter :open_mouth: little wonder you’re having issues. I’d certainly try cutting back on those as a first step.

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Lol could he my issue. 225g of veggies for breakfast and 250 for supper. I just figured I needed to LOAD up on veggies to try to get my.potsssium because its impossible to get to 4700. Even with a pound I barely got there.

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It’s possible that you don’t really need to get that much potassium. As I understand it, if you take care of your sodium needs (excellent for constipation issues too) then your potassium intake (as long as you’re getting some in your food) is unlikely to be an issue.

EDIT TO ADD: Here is a previous thread on potassium Potassium - How much and how exactly?


Actually you can… SIMPLY! I lost the bulk of my 100lbs in the 0.4-0.8 range, Maybe if I tested at a good time I may go over 1.0, but not typically. If your getting numbers, there are ketones in your blood… you’re in ketosis. “Optimal” ranges are BS. No shortage of us always have low ketones and loose weight just fine. Don’t waste the money on the strips. Focus on your diet. I watch net, I also supplement with fiber so there’s a lot there as well. I ALSO supplement with a Carb supplement to keep glycogen stores up, the carb supplement doesn’t touch sugar or insulin so I don’t count it, hasen’t been a problem. Don’t waste the money on the strips. That could be bacon. I watch macros if you’re into the tracking that may give you a good way to see what screws with you and doesn’t.

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See my issue is there are SO many differing views. Some say you need more potassium then sodium. For example cronometer says my ratios are good when I get 2000mg of sodium and 3000 potassium. I usually get between 2000 and 3000mg and apparently that’s far far to low but…my doctor did my bloodwork and my sodium and potassium are perfection. So I guess I dony need more? So is it per body basis? There is sooooo much info and if people couldnt tell already I have an analytic sickness in my brain I cannot move forward in anything without extensive knowledge haha

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I would agree but I notice a very very large difference in my mood and general health and well being when I’m above 1 mmol. But I do eat 60% fat 30% protein so it could he my ratios giving me higher insulin responses

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I would never encourage you to not do your homework but if it’s resulting in analysis paralysis you’ll never get off the ground. Start with one thing - such as reducing your fibre/veg intake - & take it from there. If you suffer any real, untoward symptoms then do more research & see a doctor.

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Appreciate the advice:)

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This is an old speculation that has been shown to be false. Gluconeogenesis, the process of turning amino acids into glucose, is driven by demand, not by the supply.

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@05147ae533bd743d8b98 Listen to the Ketones episode of the 2ketodudes podcast, they answer exactly your question :smile: