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Thank you so much for your response and for sharing your story, Diane! I eagerly (if slowly due to brain fog) read your entire CFS thread. I am currently reading Dr. Myhill’s book on CFS/ME and just bought her other book Sustainable Medicine per your suggestion. Looking forward to implementing her suggestions!

Question: Do you find you need to keep your ketones above 3 in order to feel better like @andy70 does? I could get my blood ketones over 3 easily the first three weeks on keto, but now into week four I can’t get them over 1.

Thank you for your help. :pray:

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Nope, I don’t get above 2 very often. I only get above 3 if I’ve fasted at least 3 days or so (as best as I can recall). So, not very often. I do find the following several things very helpful.

I try to keep my meals discrete. I eat until I’m very full and keep meals to a 90 minute window. Then I don’t snack between meals (this becomes easier the longer you’ve been eating ketogenically and the more “fat adapted” your body becomes). I try to mostly stick to 2 meals a day. This lets me stretch the time between when I stop eating in the evening and my first meal of the day. This limits the times I’m getting increased insulin levels over the day. I believe controlling my blood glucose this way helps reduce inflammation which I believe helps control pain and aids in improving my energy. That said I usually have at least a couple of days a month when I am much hungrier. I eat more (and more often) on those days.

I also am becoming very vigilant in avoiding corn, canola and soybean oils (really I’m avoiding all seed and vegetable oils) which I’ve recently discovered cause me to have greatly increased inflammation with an accompanying noticeable impact on my pain, energy and stamina. This has complicated my meals since I no longer use purchased mayonnaise or creamy dressings but make my own using avocado oil.

I also use a good quality MCT oil as a supplement. I am using it to support mitochondrial health and biogenesis and it helps with brain function as well.

Here are a couple of articles (but not the one I remember reading before, I’ll add a link later if I come across it) that I came up after a quick google search: ;

I don’t use any of the Bulletproof brand of MCT oil products but a different brand that contains C8 & C10 MCTs. If you decide to use an MCT oil, start slowly (with maybe a teaspoon a day) and build up from there. It also helps if you take it with food. Otherwise, people have reported incidences of disaster pants!

I also wish to note that the more effective your body becomes at using ketones, the fewer “excess” ketones you will find in either urine or blood. This is a normal progression that occurs as your body becomes more and more fat adapted. This is a GOOD sign. Here is a link from the tuitnutition website run by Amy Berger. I think it is very helpful in explaining this idea:

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Thank you SO much. This is all incredibly helpful!

Do you by chance have thyroid issues? I have hashimoto’s which has all but destroyed my thyroid function. I’ve read some people with hashi’s do well on keto while others don’t. I guess it’s an n=1 experiment.

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I have hypothyroisism - no Hashimoto’s that I’m aware of. I don’t think I was ever tested.

I keep my hypothyroidism under control with a daily supplement of iodine (Iodoral) and a prescription (Armour thyroid).


You are giving me hope, which is invaluable as I often feel hopeless in regards to my health. Many, many thanks!!



I’ll be 8 weeks keto this Thursday, and am starting to feel a bit better mental clarity. but not much physical energy yet. I know it’s still early and am just happy to see any improvement in my CFS at all!

I’ve been adding the supplements recommended by Dr. Sarah Myhill, but have not been able to find a good multivitamin/multimineral supplement. Would you mind sharing with me the mutivitamin/multimineral that you use?

Thank you so much and I hope you’re well!!

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I’m happy to hear you are starting to see some improvements with your health.

These are the two vitamins/minerals I bought most recently.

The Pure brand is pretty expensive so I might switch to the Now brand of multivitamin the next time I order, I’m looking at these two. Neither of them have added iron, which is important for me.


Thank you so much, Diane! This is incredibly helpful.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick recommends the Pure ONE Multi, so I had been considering it. I just wish it didn’t have potato starch as one of the listed ingredients. I do AIP Keto for my autoimmune issues and potatoes aren’t allowed.

The NOW foods options that you listed look really good. I think I may go with one of those.

Thank you again!!