Can't get over plateau


(Ellenor Bjornsdottir (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #22

Definitely 100% the former.


I just watched a video last night where Amy Berger was defining a stall as not losing weight or inches over 8 weeks. If it hasn’t been that long, don’t worry:

If this is you, she talks about the top 5 things to look out for:
11:16 Too Many Carbs
13:04 Too much Fat
15:47 Medications
19:17 Hormones
22:40 Inadequate sleep
(timings are thanks for some guy on the internet that posted them).

I’m actually starting to watch this updated video where she’s talking about this topic with Dr Westman (Oct 11, 2019):

(Robin) #24

Smart girl! The #2 benefit that appeals to me most about keto, is that once you really “get it”, you can pretty much go on autopilot. The lack of cravings is #1.


Everyone is different. If I eat too much protein and not enough fat, it creates cravings. I need to keep my fat at about 75% of my intake. I eat around 15 g of carbs or less per day. The rest is protein. But this is for me. That might not be so for others.