Can there really be autophagy when there is still fat to burn?

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I thought that autophagy only works when we do Extended Fasts; not from our normal IF’s. It is one of the big reasons that I like to do one longer one monthly.

Me too!! This is one of my biggest reasons to do the Extended Fasts =) as well.

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Autophagy and fatty-acid metabolism are unrelated processes. They do, however, require a low serum insulin level in order to occur at the rate we like to see them.

Some autophagy is always occurring, since all proteins have designed lifespans and need to be recycled. There are proteases that take the proteins apart into their constituent amino acids, which are then recycled into new proteins as needed.

When we talk about stimulating autophagy by fasting, etc., we really are talking about increasing the rate of autophagy. Since this is a catabolic process, it occurs most readily in a low-insulin milieu, such as fasting, or a well-formulated ketogenic diet. Autophagy has nothing to do with metabolising food for energy, which is the purpose of fatty-acid metabolism.

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Man in Scotland fasted for a year = No saggy skin.

The folds etc usually occurs after bariatric surgery otherwise the body naturally compensates (including through autophagy)

Losing weight really should just be a by product of being healthy of course, so done gradually.

Although I don’t have this problem I have noticed going into deep ketosis again how difficult it is to eat as many calories as I can out of it.

Collagen is fine although how much of it gets to the dermis is debated, but there’s plenty of anecdotal accounts of improvements, but making more of your own is best. Personally, I think stem cell production from a longer water fast is ideal, but once you get to 24hrs you start getting the benefits. So a REALLY long fast isn’t necessary.

I think 24/36hrs would be enough if done quite regularly, say twice a month.
You can also use red light therapy too for collagen production.

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Here’s what I think about weight loss and skin shrinking/repairing/whatever you want to call it. It takes time. If you lose 100 lbs in 6 months you will have sagging skin. People may think the fast weight loss caused the sagging skin because you lost weight fast and you have sagging skin. It may take another 18 months for the skin to firm back up.

Where another person may take 2 years to lose 100 lbs and not have sagging skin, so slow weight loss doesn’t cause sagging skin.

I think it is more likely that it just takes two years for skin to shrink (I am pulling these numbers out of the air) and it doesn’t matter how fast the weight was lost. Losing it more slowly just gives the skin a chance to keep up.

I think the gaunt look that some weight loss surgery patients and others that lose weight very, very quickly get is more from a lack of nutrients than quick weight loss itself.

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This is me! I have been on Keto since February 2019 and I have lost 91 pounds so far (I was 293 and I am now holding for a bit at 202) and so I have been slow and steady, with no off the wagon times, been really good! Lots of fasting, daily IF TMAD 20:4 and sometime OMAD --and no saggy skin.

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Congrats! :confetti_ball::tada::champagne::balloon: