Can keto cause shortness of breath?

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Ketoacidosis is very unlikely in anyone whose pancreas is producing any insulin at all. The diagnostic criterion is hyperglycaemia in combination with serum β-hydroxybutyrate over 10 mmol/dL, though symptoms don’t appear till around 20.0 mmol/dL. By contrast, nutritional ketosis is in the range of 0.5-2.5 mmol/dL, an order of magnitude lower. Fasting ketone levels are higher, but still under 5.0 mmol/dL.

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This sounds like unusually strenuous fat-adaptation. We generally advise taking things very easy for the first couple of months on keto, before trying to return to a strenuous exercise programme.

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Ditto on air quality and medications.
I am in Australia and we have just had the worst grass pollen season ever, due to the abnormal rain we have had the last few years.
And bushfires predicted, so, I just got a new aircon in my bedroom that filters out pollen and small particles.
I developed a dust mite allergy in my 40s following a medication that I was sensitive to. Have had allergic asthma ever since.