Can keto cause shortness of breath?

(Troy John) #23

I am also going to do the exercises you have mentioned. Thanks.

(Karen) #24

I have no idea if you have VCD, of course, but it can be triggered by the same types of things as asthma (and that is why people often think that is what they are developing). So, things like allergies, air quality, stress, exercise, etc. Where I live, Colorado, the air quality has been horrible for months now with all the wildfires both here and smoke blowing in from other states. (It was raining ashes just a couple of weeks ago.) I think “something in the air” has been a factor for me.

(Edith) #25

Did you try taking an antihistamine when having your shortness of breath to see if it helped?

(Karen) #26

Yes I tried a few times but it didn’t seem to have an effect.

(Nicolas) #27

I jog every other day 30 min at 70% Max Heart Rate (Fat loss), to me I experienced the contrary, I feel like I can breath deeper, Im at 2.5 months in keto diet.

(Troy John) #28

Yes, I have.

(Edith) #29

When I was having histamine trouble and had the air hunger, an antihistamine helped. I would guess an antihistamine not helping provides a clue that the problem is not histamine related.

(Troy John) #30

Did you get immediate relief from the antihistamine? Which one did you use? I tried Reactine.

(Edith) #31

I use Claritin (or the generic equivalent) or XYZal. When I’ve had too much histamine I will have the air hunger, my nose stuffs up, and sometimes I’m itchy. The other thing histamine will do for me is give me heart palpitations.

(Troy John) #32

Good to know! Thank you.

(Troy John) #33

Karen, Years ago I found taking magnesium supplements orally produced shortness of breath, so I switched to taking it transdermally with magnesium oil. You may want to try that to eliminate if that is indeed the cause?

(Karen) #34

Interesring. I’ll look into that. Thanks!

(Ryan Kaminski) #35

Thanks so much for the Histime knowledge! I would have never found this without your post and your post may have changed my life, we will see!

I have been eating avocados and fermented vegetables with every meal and caffeine in the morning. Apparently these are all terrible for histamine management!

I also get stuffy nose when i wake up, itchy after a meal, and shortness of breath especially after a meal or after coffee. The shortness of breath is what has been scaring me the most.

I am now realizing my mom used to have me take loads of Claritin as a kid. I wonder if my body forgot how to manage histamine on its own!

Will try this for a few weeks and report back

(Edith) #36

Please let me know. I hope you find your answer.

(Troy John) #37

Karen, How you doing now? I recall you were going for more tests last month? Curious if they found something that is triggering the shortness of breath?

(Karen) #38

Hi Troy,
So far the only answer I’ve gotten is “vocal cord dysfunction.” Last month I had an endoscopy done and they also stretched my esophagus. I’ll find out the results of the various biopsies they took during that procedure tomorrow. Around the same time that I had the procedure done, I also started on a low FODMAP diet, which has greatly improved my IBS (but is not low carb). Simultaneously, my breathing has improved. I don’t know if it is because of the stretching they did to me or if it is as a result of the diet. But, I can’t deny the fact that the more keto I got (the fewer carbs I ate), the worse my breathing became. I tried eliminating histamine containing and triggering foods, but that didn’t make a difference for me. It really does seem to me to be linked to carb intake, but I haven’t had a doctor be able to explain why. Perhaps it is a correlation and not a causation, but I can’t tell, especially since none of my doctors can make sense of the seeming connection. Anyway, maybe the biopsy results will tell me something. I’ll keep you posted! How has your breathing been?

(Troy John) #39

Thanks for the update. I have days like today when my breathing is taxing. The weather here has been warmer for the past week, so I wonder if that has brought about allergens that are causing it to flare up. I have tried various things but cant relate for sure to anything specific. Keep us updated as will I. Best.

(Ryan Kaminski) #40

Dear VirginiaEdie,

Not only has your post changed my life dramatically, but I have also written an article on the research available for low histamine eating and published it here:

My symptoms of ‘air hunger’ are now gone after removing many of the high histamine foods and histamine provoking foods (avocados, fermented vegetables, chocolate, processed and cured meats, canned fish ect) and my life is immensely better. My anxiety from the feeling of not being able to breath is gone, and now, if I am going to have an unhealthy night out, I can bring an anti-histamine and it will do a great job in minimizing my symptoms. Connecting these dots has made a huge impact on my life.

Thank you so much for posting here!

(Edith) #41

Wonderful news! Thanks for the update. It truly is amazing the power food has in our bodies.

Edit: Good article. You seemed to cover all the bases. I’m interested where you found the info for the histamine in animal foods. Seafood seemed pretty low on your chart but in reality seafood is pretty high, particularly canned seafood.

I can’t handle seafood at all.

(Troy John) #42

Ryan, the link to the article does not seem to be working?