Calorie concerns

(Tim Cee) #21

Increase carbs slightly?

(Tim Cee) #22

2MAD 12 hrs apart?

(Robin) #23

Bob, that was exactly what led to many worst case of diverticulitis. I swear macadamia nuts are the same as alcohol for me… stop when you run out…. In other words: farewell forever.

(Robin) #24

Me too me too me too….

(Kirk Wolak) #25

Learning to LISTEN and TRUST your bodies signals IS THE GOAL.

If the body says it is NOT hungry. Don’t force it to eat.
It has all that wonderful body fat to nibble on, and it probably is.
Let it feast on that!

This program works because it turns off hunger. When your body needs something, it will tell you loud and clear. THEN listen to it. Just don’t let processed foods take control of the signaling, because that’s what ultimately does us in!

(Robin) #26

Well said.


There are exceptions though. Some people never is hungry or eating according to hunger causes undereating and metabolism slowing.
Not everyone has enough fat to be able to eat almost nothing longer term without problems.

I don’t talk about myself as I don’t even lose fat on keto as I eat too much for that (I get hungry and need a lot of food. and there are all the eating without any hunger but I will stop that, I know the method I think). But I am rarely hungry, I quite often get weak and lose vision and balance for seconds first. My body works well, it gives me signs to eat, it’s just not hunger. (Hunger doesn’t always make me eat anyway, I have some nice lovely hunger type and if my appetite is negative, I don’t even even if I am very hungry, it’s a bit messed up though, okay, my body has its moments but it usually works pretty great. And if I need fuel very much, my appetite will soon raise to zero so I can eat.)

Processed food works pretty good for me, I think, satiation/satisfaction wise… As long as it’s some satiating fatty protein. I still don’t eat much of it as it doesn’t sound right but I would always choose processed pork over chicken as the latter can’t satiate me and if I eat much chicken, I will overeat for sure. It’s obviously individual, we get satiated by different things. Not like only satiation matters, certain items trigger overeating even without hunger. Eventually we can find those items and ban or minimize them. Keto alone isn’t nearly enough for many of us.