Butter craving(?) and butter fast


(Tamara ) #1

I’ve recently restarted keto after a week of high carb consumption (stress was a factor and lead to a lot of PB and ice cream!), bit disappointed that I kicked myself out of keto, but living and learning and moving on!
Now I’m g r a d u a l l y getting back - I don’t consume carbs, but I might be having too much peanut butter and mayo.
I’ve only been a keto-believer for 2 months or so and today I’ve started to crave butter. I’m assuming that’s my body telling me to up the fat intake (and that I should listen), but I was wondering - has anyone tried a short fat fast with just butter(with or without veg)?


I have done that! I am someone who still has an appetite when in ketosis, and when it begins to increase, I’ve done a ‘butter day.’ I use only Kerrygold (which is delicious, IMO), and I cut it into pats of 80-100 cal.
Pure fat doesn’t elicit any insulin response, so for the body, this is the equivalent of fasting.

I try to limit myself to 600-800 cal.


Mayo should be totally fine but it is worth checking shop bought for sneaky carbs. Why not try your own? Someone posted a really easy recipe on my FB page the other day. I will see if it is on here and get her to post it if not. Home made may is a whole different animal!

PB - not too bad if it is straight peanuts but the carbs can stack up fast. You may need to nix it for a while to break the habit. many cannot have it in the house!

Butter craving? I had this once during a fast and ate small amounts of straight butter. I found it worked pretty well and took the edge off. Not a bad idea at all - give it a whirl.

Well done for getting back on keto BTW. It can take a lot to do that but it is worth it.

(Brian) #4

You are consuming carbs if you’re having peanut butter. All peanut butter has carbs either way you count them, net carbs or total carbs, and some are worse than others because of added sugar. I believe ALL vegetables also have some net carbs and defiantly have total carbs. You are likely getting more carbs than you think. And as Daisy said you need to watch for sneaky carbs.

I typically do about 20/4 fat fast where ususally go 12 plus hours pure fasting then have a 32 oz coffee with about 3 TBS of Kerry Gold unsalted butter and several TBS of MCT oil, that I sip on over several hours. all pure fat, no carbs, no protein. seems to work fairly well for me.

(Tamara ) #5

Thanks for your replies!
@Daisy - ooh I look forward to trying out the recipe!
@BGdiving - that is very true - those pesky carbs are very sneaky, I’ll dial down the PB!
I am looking forward to intermittent fasting in perhaps a few days after being stricter with total carbs. I’ll definitely try a version of bulletproof coffee (might try strong black tea instead cos I don’t drink coffee at all!).

So far my sleeping has improved much more than I expected - I never knew how accurate the saying ‘sleep like a log’ could be!


technical issues but she has promised to redo the video that got wiped by mistake and upload it next week. It is basically as follows…

Into a 500ml mason jar you put (in the right order)…

an egg
2T acid (ACV is her recommendation but use what you like - lemon juice, whatever)
seasoning and any flavourings like garlic, herbs, etc.
1 cup (240ml acc to google) of light tasting oil

Then you take a stick blender and place it in the jar down at the bottom, covering the egg. Blend for 20 seconds without moving it up and down. The egg should mix with the vinegar before it starts to pull the oil down. Once this happens you can move it up and down until really lovely and thick and yummy.

I haven’t tried it yet but it sure sounds a lot easier than my traditional method of a hand risk and dripping the oil in!

(Tamara ) #7

Thank you!

(Jill ) #8

Hi Mare! I also still have an appetite in ketosis and it makes me question why? Have you figured it out?


No, but I think people have different responses to ketosis. What it does for me is keep me from feeling that I’m starving all the time–which is what happens to me with carbs. But the idea of ‘no appetite’ at all is totally foreign to me.

(Kate) #10

Just one thing to add is that some mayos are made with the egg whites, some recipes do not include them. If it is made with the egg white then it will have some protein. Usually store-bought mayos show 0 grams of protein on their labels, even if egg whites are included; my guess as to why is because the serving size is so small that it is less than 1 gram.

(Kate) #11

I like like a blend of half coconut oil, half EVOO!

I have made this recipe, and I also make a lazy version: in a little shot glass I put a little ACV, some coconut oil, some EVOO, an egg yolk, and salt & pepper. I stir this vigorously (a chopstick works), but I do not care that much. Then I freeze it so that it is not too runny. I know that this sounds weird because it is frozen, but it is really quite nice!

(Jill ) #12

Haha! Thank you! I am with you there! If I eat a large breakfast / brunch, I can go all day without eating. Otherwise, I am hungry, but like you said, not starving. :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

I do a version of this that gets rave reviews from non Keto folks too.

Use half cup avocado oil and half cup of light olive oil, if you only have extra virgin, up the avo. oil to 3/4 cups and use only 1/4 cup, this has a huge impact on the flavor of the mayo. Speaking of flavor using fresh lemon juice gives the best result for that too, but I have used champagne vinegar instead and that was very nice in deed.

I use 1/2 teaspoons each of garlic powder and onion powder.

Once you get the hang of doing your own mayo, you’ll never consider buying any at a store anymore. It is great as a base for things like Green Godess dressing as well. You can blend in a bit of this with a plain vinaigrette for making creamy Italian dressing, add the Italian herbs you like to it and you’re golden.