Bill Maher / Dr. Kate Shanahan interview last night

(Joey) #1

First time in memory we watched a doctor talking about nutrition/health on national tv (on HBO’s Bill Maher show) where all we could do was nod and say “yup, yup, right, … yup, yeah, that’s right, yes of course…”

She was talking about the idea of eating healthy fat to stay healthy. And how cholesterol isn’t bad - it’s necessary. Etc.

In recent months Maher keeps bringing up the idea that the best defense against COVID-19 is to have a strong immune system … and that eating smartly is a key. Basically: cut out the carbs. Last night, he even said the “keto” word at one point.

What’s the world coming to? :plate_with_cutlery:


He is hard core vegan, sat on the PETA board for years, not sure if he still does or not. For him to have someone like her on and not mock her would have been unusual. I hope he treated her with some respect. He can be a guest’s best friend or he can cut them to shreds. That is why I stopped watching him. I like a lot of his show but he finally got to me. I was a new rules fan for years. But no longer watch him.