Best Diet Advice You Have Heard in Recent Memory

(Chuck) #21

Never diet have a healthy lifestyle

(Edith) #22

There was some super model who was given a lot of flak several years ago for saying something like, “Nothing tastes as good a skinny feels.” Well, I think if you change it to “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels” you have the perfect health advice. Being healthy is much more important than eating that chocolate cake or shoveling in French fries. Those things taste good but being healthy feels soooo much better.

(Bob M) #23

Wow. This would not only drive my blood sugar through the roof, but I’d be starving 15 minutes later. If you can eat that and not have any ill effects, I’m not sure you have to eat keto.



Yesterday my body told me it needed Nutella! I think it is lying to me

I cannot do both! I had to choose between being healthy and eating what I find enjoyable. I personally do not find meat particularly enjoyable. I can eat a good steak every once in a while, a really juicy chicken breast (which few know how to do well) sure but day in and day out, no thank you. Not a big fan of vegetables either but I eat them now and have noticed good results. If I eat what I truly enjoyed it would be carbs, carbs and more carbs. Is not going to happen

(Chuck) #25

I have learned that once I accepted the fact that food is energy for my body and not entertainment, I have been able to enjoy food that I once hated.
If I listen to my brain I would be close to three hundred pounds again, but if I continue to listen to my body I will hopefully continue to be very close to my ideal weight.


That’s what can’t happen to me but I loved almost everything in the beginning :smiley: I lost interest in some and keep loving the rest, I go into the right direction :wink:

Yep. I want health, it’s my top priority. Having a good figure is way less important than enjoying my food as much as I can… And I still consider “skinny” being “emacinated” (maybe it’s not its meaning but the word makes me think of that. and I do know many women want to be too thin compared to my tastes). I want muscles (more than average for my age and sex group, I mean). And health. The two are somewhat correlated, probably.

(Geoffrey) #29

That’s the diet devil whispering sweet nothings in your ear. :smiling_imp:

(B Creighton) #30

I’m not sure what my blood sugar does, but I start with a raw goat milk yogurt, so that gives me protein and fat to digest first, which I am sure helps moderate the blood sugar spike. The way I typically work, I would bet the carbs are mostly burnt up by 1pm, but I don’t really get hungry anymore because I think I run on the fat. I usually don’t eat any lunch. But, I am about to start keto again, so this year I will be introducing a protein smoothie for lunch on my 4 recovery days.

(Chuck) #31

The best diet advice is that all so called diets fail sooner than later. We have to have a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy relationship with real food. Then it goes on with stay away from highly processed carbs/food, and as much as possible stay away from fast food.


“Don’t wait to get sick to get healthy. Chances are you are already sick. Just go and get healthy. Now, Damnit!”

“You sorted out your menu. Fine, no applause from me. Go and sort out the rest of your life.”

(Robin) #33

Oof, that second one is the real deal.


These are good!

And if one says they are healthy… Fine, they feel healthy, they may even be pretty okay inside - but are they SURE it is the best they can do? I felt pretty healthy, I still don’t think I was sick at all but I surely could get better. And there is still room for improvement.

Harsh and some people probably needs some pats on the head when they take a baby step but I can agree, that’s what the real thing :smiley:

(Chuck) #35

I am sure there will always be room for improvement but at my age I also want to enjoy wha time I have left. For me I am amazed at the fact that after 40 years I am finally prescription medication free. How long that will remain is yet to be seen. Over this last month after getting home from vacation I have lost 2 pounds and have seen a great improvement in my blood pressure. I honestly believe from what I am seeing it is mostly due to my fasting schedule and not my eating habits. While on vacation I ate my normal diet but wasn’t able to strictly follow my fasting. I didn’t gain or lose but held my own. But my blood pressure took a real told due to the stress of driving, and time restraints. I have actually expected a weight gain from stress alone.