Being Kicked Out of Ketosis

(Hector S) #1

We all know that if you eat too many carbs, you can get kicked out of Ketosis. My question is this: Are there varying degrees of being kicked out of Ketosis? I know that once you’re fat adapted, and you get kicked out, your body will burn through the glucose as energy and then you’ll revert back to burning fat.

So in that theory, if I just cheat “a little bit” say with one dessert, is it faster to get back into Ketosis than if I fall off and cheat a whole weekend? Cheat with one dessert or cheat throughout a whole weekend. Or does the amount of cheating not count and it takes the Body the same process to get back to fat burning?


Certainly the less you indulge the better, and not at all would be best. When ketogenesis is turned off, the liver will store glucose as glycogen. After your liver glycogen is refilled, the excess will be turned into fat and not utilized efficiently as long as your insulin levels remain elevated. The problem is, sometimes the blood glucose swings after the first little indulgence will trigger a cascade of cravings for more carbs.

(Charles Keezer ) #3

I have suffered through this. I can get back on track quickly, but it feels horrible! I lost almost 50 lbs before I cheated the first time… I have not lost since! I have recommitted to strict keto and I am seeing both the inches and weight start to drop off again. I will be in Onderland in the next two weeks!

Bottom line; DONT CHEAT! You are only cheating yourself!

(Lucrecia) #4

Don’t cheat. Really. It’s simply not worth it. I fell off the keto wagon in Sept last year and it took me months to get back to my happy place. Just my experience. If you must, then go to the trouble of prepping lots of keto friendly treats and overeat a little on the protein and fats. But keep it keto. Carbage really isn’t worth it.

(Tim ) #5

Don’t cheat! I just had dinner at a friends house his weekend and they were nice enough to ask what I could eat. We agreed on beef enchiladas with no tortillas. Well come to find out there were no tortillas but she used masa flour to thicken the mixture. She had tortillas on the side for the sugar burners. I had a sneak carb attack. I was on the couch all day on Sunday with what felt like a hangover. Just eating fat and protean and drinking electrolites to get back. It’s not worth it to cheat you will pay for it.

(Yogi Cat) #6

Hi there,
similar question here. I didn’t choose to cheat or anything but I think I got kicked-out accidentally.
I switched to Keto a month ago and lost 3 kilos so far. Everything was under control until yesterday. I think I ate some kind of mustard or some souce with sugar in it. I have been craving stuff ever since. That’s always a risk when you go out to eat I guess. Right now I’m really hungry and just had my third bullet-proof coffee. I’m a little panicked/scared/frustrated. I really don’t want to go through keto-flu again!

Any suggestions? (except for “keep calm and keto on” of course :slight_smile: )