Anemia and Keto?!


I’m anemic too. Was 8.9 My doc had put me Sundown Iron Complex. While Keto, I was taking roughly 4 pills / day. After switching to mostly carnivore for about 6 mos, I am down to 1 pill about 4-5 times a week. It takes time. But, as my doc has told me over and over, you will absorb more iron -faster- from eating hamburger patty than eating spinach (or some other iron-containing veg.)
I had to eliminate the nuts, and veggies for the most part. The only veg I can really enjoy- very rarely- are broccoli, cauliflower and a little cabbage.

Making sure you are taking in enough fat from the beef is crucial to feeling full longer, and becoming fat adapted. I incorporate intermittent and extended fasting as part of my own routine, and do just fine. Yes, I do have to take one iron complex each day when I fast, but, that is not a game changer. I lose weight, and feel fantastic.

I eat mostly grass fed beef, then eggs, chicken & turkey. On occasion, some salmon or tuna. I do throw in a bit of dairy here and there. Just cheese, sour cream or HwC. Not a lot.

Again, it takes time. But the iron complex works so much better than anything I’ve ever tried. It changed my life. HTH


I live in the EU and stevia is definitely not banned here.

Boring or not boring, it’s highly individual like taste so we all should do what we can. But we can change to some extent.
I surely mentioned eggs the last time (I don’t even know how to talk about eating without this most important item in my diet :D), what about them? Without them, sure, my woe would be super boring (as I can’t have a big enough variety meat wise and I don’t even want that, eggs are awesome) and I wouldn’t last for 2 days. And I wrote, fine, eat zillion things but maybe the amount isn’t right for you? We can just guess here as everyone is different… There must be a method just right for you!


You’ve had some incredible advice in this thread; it’s a great read.

I eat Carnivore and I totally get this point. The idea of restricting further from Keto was disturbing to me, and I felt I would get bored of just eating meat and eggs; I certainly used to get bored of steak if I had it more than 3 times a week on Keto.

I have been Carnivore for 4+ months, and I eat the same thing every day - steak and eggs - (for every meal) and I look forward to it every meal. I experienced an unexpected profound shift in my likes/dislikes etc, and I think it changed my brain from wanting ‘tasty’ food to ‘nutritious’ food.

It’s definitely a choice, as I have a freezer full of other meats, but every single meal I think, “What shall I have? Chicken? Pork? Prawns? Hmmm, reckon I’ll have Beef.”


great post Septimius

some think it is restrictive but others love it LOL I for one never find carnivore restrictive in that I can have so much. Meat/fish/seafood and there are alot of options in those categories, but like most carnis we gravitate toward that fine beef! :slight_smile:

I think time on plan sure changes us too tho. How we approach food after big time on carnivore is not the same as we come into it. So true.

SB this is wonderful to read!! So happy your changes are going so well for you!!

you said it. Time on carnivore is key for sure.
This was a great post to read from you :slight_smile:

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In what way did your sister’s body malfunction? And how did she deplete her body? A well-formulated ketgoenic diet eaten to satiety should provide adequate protein to maintain muscle mass, even while permitting excess stored fat to be shed. We would need to see quite a bit more information about your sister, her health problems, and her diet, if we wanted to be able to understand what happened to her.

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Have you tried taking Magnesium to help with the constipation?

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Maybe she had the keto flu.

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What exactly did she do and what happened? I started keto with a 4-day water fast and was in ketosis by the morning of day 3. I think that was pretty abrupt and caused no problems. I dropped all my previous carb foods cold turkey and have been in ketosis for probably 99+% of the the past 4 years. Best thing I ever did for myself.


@Derron … I too am curious to know what sort of ‘malfunction’ your sister experienced. Its an important subject to explore, because most of the ‘going cold-turkey’ responses from our bodies can be eased or remedied altogether with some pretty simple solutions.
Some people experience the “Keto-flu” - which honestly, can make you feel pretty crappy and lethargic. But, taking in some sodium and/or electrolytes really does improve things dramatically. I keep cartons of full sodium chicken broth around just for that extra boost some days. A tasty solution Dr. Berry and Neisha made (on Youtube) involved sparkling water, half tsp No-salt, half tsp salt, a TB or 2 of apple cider vinegar, a couple drops of liquid stevia, and a couple drops of orange oil. I used to make a jug of that a drink it daily while fasting. Fantastic stuff.

That crappy feeling typically only lasts a few days or so, until your body becomes more adapted. Then, you just wake up one day and its “Game on”. Then, make sure you are taking in ample amounts of healthy fat and moderate amounts of protein. That’s the fuel. My own grocery list is pretty simple nowadays: Butter, coffee, salt, eggs, ribeyes, and chicken thighs - with the skin. I still have others in the house to shop for, but, those are my own staples.


I tried mostly animal based but the high level of protein kept my glucose level up. I added the leafies back and get a much better reading. I also was getting muscle twitches without dairy. My calcium went low. Added it back and all is well.

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Screw the scale number 1, unless you have to male weight for wrestling. So many things can effect those numbers, water retention, muscle weighs more than fat, time of day, the moon, etc. I would be more concerned with the anemia. You mentioned you start your day off with coffee, is it decaf or regular? Caffeine inhibits the bodies ability to absorb iron. You may also want to research the effects of kale, the berries you eat, and spinach on iron absorption.
When i first started working out years ago, results came quick. After awhile your body stabilizes and you have to kick it up a notch or that exercise just becomes normal.
Maybe even take a week off from the exercise, let your body find a new normal, or take it down a few levels then go back up. But change it up.
Best of luck, Im sure you’ll do great you seem dedicated.