Adding Carbs to a workout

(Jeff) #1

I’ve been on strict Keto for over a month. I’m disappointed in the results during weights and long cardio. I’m wondering does anyone add small amounts of carbo just before harder workouts? I’m thinking 1/2 of the calories I’m estimating to burn in the workout.

Any experience in this? Does it take you out of Keto?

Note: I’m talking HARD workouts (heavy weights with squats,deadlifts, etc. for an hour. Or 2 hour+ workouts.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #2

Check out this thread:

(Ken) #3

It depends. Are you overweight and trying to lose fat?. Or, are you not terribly overweight and doing it for other benefits. If overweight with a deranged metabolism, it’s better to be strict at least until well fat adapted and on your way as far as fat loss. Metabolic issues usually take a fairly long time to develop, it’s more likely that you’ve not completed the adaptation into fat burning yet that is causing your issues. It usually takes.a.couple of months.

(David Jackson) #4

Evidence suggests that overloading on protein encourages thermogenesis and excess protein is converted to glucose which gets stored in cells as glycogen. This in turn, in theory, would fuel deep muscle stimulation.

(BuckRimfire) #5

I’m not a real frequent gym rat, but I had a sudden bad feeling (a bit dizzy) when I was four months into keto. Had to quit the workout after 4 x 1 minute bike intervals then about 5 sets of weights. Is that anything like what you’re describing?

Maybe try eating a couple of raw carrots (or briefly blanched, if you’re worried about microbes on them) just before your workout and see if that makes a difference? I won’t call you a heretic! :wink: The total amount of carbs is pretty small, and they’re listed as very low glycemic. I’d guess that’s because there is so much tough cellular structure and a quick chewing tears that up incompletely, so what carb is in there comes out very slowly.

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I would definitely wait at least another month before making this sort of decision. The primary goal of this way of eating, apart from the restoration of metabolic health, of course, is to switch the muscles from metabolising glucose to metabolising fat. At only 4 weeks in, you are by no means fully fat-adapted yet.

As far as losing fat is concerned, it often takes women’s hormonal systems a month or two to get sorted before serious fat loss begins, so give yourself more time. Plenty of women on these forums have stories to tell of having to wait for results to start happening.

Be sure that, in addition to keeping carbohydrate low, you are giving your body adequate calories. The way to do that is to eat to satisfy your hunger, not to rely on some app—and most especially not an app that has been set to “Weight Loss.” (“Maintenance” also skimps on calories, but it’s somewhat better.)

The body responds to short rations by slowing down the metabolism to compensate. It responds to abundance the same way, by using all that energy to take care of tasks it had postponed. There are plenty of posts in the Newcomers forum giving the details of the biochemistry involved; suffice it to say that the types of food we eat and eating an adequate amount of food are both essential to losing weight.