A thread for general tips for the keto diet - save money - yummy stuff

(Linda) #1

I have a couple of things I’ve stumbled on that help me KCKO. One is chicken bullion with lots of butter - adds much needed salt and serves as a fat bomb to help squelch the appetite. This one I adore - Shasta Sugar free Cream Soda with lots of HWC. I can almost pretend it’s a vanilla shake!

And last but not least, if you use keto urine test strips, cut them in half vertically with a pair of scissors and double your money. Anyone else got any?

(Adam Foard) #2

When driving long distance instead of meal stops at interstate chain restaurants I’ll just detour to a grocery store and get a block of cheese and maybe salami. Saves time, quick, tasty, and filling.

Fasting is the ultimate money saver - if your a losing weight.


I’m definitely saving money by only eating 2 meals a day: 1 large, 1 smallish. I only have meat and vegetables once a day (used to be twice). At first, I was worried about eating fewer vegetables, but so far, so good.

That said, the money I’m saving on food is getting poured into supplements, exogenous ketones and MCT oil. I’m sure I’m spending more than I need to. But I’m not yet sure what’s a waste of money and what’s working.

Oh, also I stopped buying keto blood strips, at least for now. It doesn’t seem to correlate with how I feel in any meaningful way. Blood glucose readings are more useful and cheaper.