You know you're a ketoer when

(Ketopia Court Jester) #144

(groan) Been there. Damned mustard.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #145

You know you’re a ketoer when you have a rehearsed explanation speech for everyone on your contacts list.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #146

Jealousy is a powerful emotion. Eat bacon in front of them and practice your smug look.

(Keto in Katy) #147

Put some butter on the bacon just to mess with them even more.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #148

Then dip it in homemade mayo. :smiling_imp:

(Ketopia Court Jester) #149

And sprinkle with cheddar…

(Andrew Anderson) #150

You think boneless skinless chicken breast is as worthless as a candy bar.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #151

Absolutely. I want someone to sell the fatty skin so I can just broil or deep fry it. Chicken rinds, anyone?

(Ashley Haddock) #152

If this works I’m gonna kiss you.

.[quote=“Fiorella, post:138, topic:7350, full:true”]
When the eggs are finished cooking, drain hot water. Shake the pot so that the eggs bounce around, bang against each other and wall of pot, and develop cracks in their shells. Then fill the pot up with cold tap water. Let them sit for 10 minutes or so. And then, remove egg shells.

What will happen is the bouncing of eggs in pot and crackling of their shells will start the de-peeling process, and then sitting in cold water makes the boiled egg inside contract (away from shell) and water gets between shell and cooked egg white. Peels come off easier this way.

(Ashley Haddock) #153

You know you’re a ketoer when you see this ad in your sidebar and think it’s a macro chart. :joy:

(Anja Güstafson) #154

The beer drawer


Beer drawer?

(eat more) #156

the drawers in the fridge…typically called the “crisper” because it’s usually colder to keep your fruits and veggies "crisp"
some ppl use them for veggies…some cheese…some beer :blush:

(Steven Judd) #157

So true.


Now I hope it works!! :female_couplekiss: :pray:

(Jacquelyn Graham) #159

I steam my eggs in either a double boiler with a steamer insert or a vegetable steamer on the stove top. Get the water boiling. Put the eggs on top with a lid and set the timer for 7 mins for soft boiled or 11 mins for hard boiled. The shells come right off, no sticking, I promise.


You know you’re a ketoer when you buy sugar free bacon 20 lbs at a time!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #161

Where? :smile:

(Tom) #162

AKA, the cured meats and cheese drawers at the bottom of the fridge.


Dumas Meats they are a family owned butcher here in Northeast Ohio - here’s their web site maybe they ship.