You know you're a ketoer when


Just started so we’ll see how my friends will react :grinning: :see_no_evil:


That is wrong! Funny… but wrong

(Not a cow) #1221

You know you are a Ketoer when you tell your butcher you would like your grass fed beef finished with cheese and bacon

(Susan) #1222

When you buy 10 dozen eggs at Costco because you know you cannot shop for a month (me, last night!).

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #1223

And you don’t even really like eggs! :laughing:

(Susan) #1224

Very true! They are handy for making Chaffles and baking though! My family loves eggs for breakfast so they will all be eaten for sure, though =).

(Troy) #1225

Kinda related

When others Finally " think " they got you or all this figured out now!
Got you pegged
Armed w so called counter points or just being smug
Not that I care any ways. :rofl:

" Hey, so are you still going on that keto or low carb diet venture? ”

” Sorta ”

” Huh, what do you mean? ” ( thinking that you have quit or given up )

” I’m basically 95% carnivore now”


AND ME…:joy:


You know you’re a ketoer when …
Ya text the hubby a grocery list for Aldi and it only has 2 items:
Butter…4-5 pounds
Bacon…all you can grab.

(I’ve dialed in Keto to simply carnivore, and love it.)

And one other flippin’ amazing thing…I posted on my accountability thread…was introducing my doctor to Carnivore. She is totally on board with this!

(Paulene ) #1227

When you get an unexplained rash on your leg and wonder if bacon grease will fix it. :thinking:


When you and your butcher stop addressing each other formally and are now on first name basis… I think I have a new best friend. :slight_smile:

(Laura Victor) #1229

That’s a really good video. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(Jane Cassidy) #1230

Possibly pink salt mined from earth doesn’t have the microplastics that are supposedly in sea salt these days?


You’ve been in ketosis for so long that the pee sticks only register trace amounts of ketones.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #1232

You are making your second pan of bacon for the day and decide not to make the cabbage because you had asparagus at lunch and you really don’t need any more vegetables today.


When you run out of bacon and your day is ruined. :grimacing:

(Amanda) #1234

There is no better way to eat ff natural yogurt than with a large dollop of mascarpone! :heart_eyes:

(Karen) #1235

You are at the grocery store, and everyone is stockpiling for hunkering down during this epidemic. Their shopping carts are full of potato chips, oatmeal, jelly, cereal, bread, etc. How are they going to do on that? Your cart … Beef, chicken, pork, salmon, butter, cheese, eggs.

(Scott) #1236

So True, someone asked if I am going to stock up. I said no, “what you aren’t getting bottled water and food?” I said water is all I need and when I turn the faucet on it is delivered to me for free. If I run out of food I will just fast for a week or two. No words just a crazy look.

(Amanda) #1237

You buy your family a box of Krispy Kreme donuts but don’t feel jealous, you’re happy to take yourself to costa for a coffee with heavy cream and butter!

(Jane) #1238

Your shopping cart looks like this. Oh, and the odd bit of greenery at the left is 4 pepper plants to replace ones I lost.