You know you're a ketoer when

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I know this is a really old post, but I’m hoping to get an answer anyway.

Can you just toss them whole into the freezer, the thaw and eat like you would a fresh one?

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Hi. I toss them in the freezer in a plastic veggie bag from the grocery store. Some of them thaw out a bit mushy and those ones go into making gauc or any other kind of avocado “paste” I might throw onto some other foods.

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When you can watch a 40 minute YT Video
On a freaking Grocery Haul lol
Who knew?
And stay tuned In, enjoy and be attentive😄

Great store btw

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I never heard of Aldi before I started watching food haul videos (not from Mr Noshirt thank you very much) but now I know it is the budget keto shopper’s paradise. I’m assuming east coast/midwest only? I wonder what the west coast equivalent is, for if I ever end up back there… :thought_balloon:

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Great Grocery Store!

Located throughout SoCal😄
West Coast


Its also has locations around Detroit, and a couple in the Upper Penninsula (Escanaba & poss. soon in Marquette), and Northern Wisconsin (Rhinlander, Marinette).


Aldi is called Hofer in our region of Europe and when we compare it to other stores, it’s far from budget shopping. It does have some very well-priced items, special products we can’t get elsewhere, etc., but our Spar chain has better prices for the majority of items on my shopping list.


Same here! Husband saw a video about steaming eggs and it actually changed my life!!! We boil as many as a dozen eggs a day and peeling them is so easy!

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You are filing up the hummingbird feeders and start to lick the syrup off your fingers but stop yourself thinking “what the heck are you doing?!?!?” and go find a water hose to rinse your hands off.

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You’re going on a five day camping trip with your friends and they all stop at the store for beer, hot dogs, Doritos and marshmallows.

Meanwhile, you spend three days prepping, cooking, pickling & freezing every. single. meal. Except pork rinds. Those are in a package. Then you know you’re a ketoer. Hard core, no exceptions ketoer.

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You’re having some bone broth with butter and it’s so delicious you want to walk out in the street and yell, “I LOVE BUTTER!!!

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But for us, it’s worse!
See, DH is allergic to onions, celery, brussel sprouts, asparagus, green peppers (but not yellow, red, or orange), cucumbers, pickles.

Seeing that onions and celery are pretty much two main ingredients in every kitchen’s base trifecta, or holy trinity (onions, celery, garlic), eating anywhere but Home is challenging.

However, we eat Very Well.

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Brilliant! I finally know what to do with the whackload of cheese clobbering up my refrigerator. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Wow! This is a challenge, eek.

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LOL!!! I’m about to do that very thing for a 7-day camping trip. Have every single meal planned and ingredients mixed & packed and meats vacuum sealed. Bringing my Sous Vide, hand blender for BPC, and two lbs. of Kerry Gold. Glad it’s not just me. :joy:

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While Traveling you comment that your hosts bought bacon with TOO MUCH MEAT.
That you want VERY VERY FATTY bacon if possible.

And they (Russian) pull out SALO. This is a Ukranian Treat… It is…
CURED BACON FAT! (no meat, or so little meat it doesn’t even count).

I brought 2 packages home with me. OMG I looked it up online. They make a CHOCOLATE Version of this… (I make a Faux Fudge with Lard, Cocao Powder, gelatin and some splenda)… Hearing this, I instantly felt a kinship…

Check it out. They slice this up, while frozen, lay it on the plate, May season it more if it needs it, and eat it along side their vodka (I avoided the vodka). OMG.

I call it KETO Bacon. (Just the fat). It does not come pre-sliced, I may have to buy an electric slicer just for this! OMG I am so excited…

That’s how you know you are a ketoer…

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I told a Russian friend how I eat and he instantly told me of salo. It is viewed as very good for you and helps with many health problems.


At least the Doritos make a good fire starter for camp.

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Fritos make an excellent addition to camping gear for the same reason, great for starting fires!

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It is, and yet he’s taught me so much about cooking and flavours. I call him the Master Spicer, among other things lol I never realized how bland my own onion-y foods were until I experienced his cooking. Turns out I was simply too little spices, if spices were even used. I was scared to overdo it…just like my mother gasp unless it was meat, then she’d overcook the next life out of it lol

And recently I received a most precious compliment. I made a version of cauliflower and cheese, but with bacon, and spices, and and and… He couldn’t keep quiet about it! After every third or fourth bite he’d say, again, that I’ve bested him, that I’ve surpassed him, that he has his work cut out for him, etc, etc.

He renamed it “shit on a shingle” because it reminded him of a meal he’d had 30+ years ago somewhere down south (southern states?) but it had wheat and onions in it, but that mine was BETTER! If he could eat that every day, all day, he’d be in nirvana.

Also a sneaky way to move him toward keto :shushing_face::nerd_face::sunglasses: