You know you're a ketoer when


Please don’t make a joke of it. I started eating meat again because I was becoming very unhealthy and it was a last resort. I’m not happy about it.

(Ellenor Bjornsdottir (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #1157


(Laurie) #1158

You panic when someone invites you over for a meal.

(Troy) #1159

And it just happens to be homemade lasagna night from their past down Family recipe archives that they are anxious for you to try😩
And garlic bread😳

(Laurie) #1161

Ooooh Baby. . . .


You know you’re a Ketoer when your hubby comes home from a business trtip and brings you 5 pounds butter instead of a bouquet of flowers.

Gosh, I love that man! :grin:

(Jeanne Wagner) #1163

Every. Damn. Day.

(Laura Victor) #1164

But he just wants you to know how AUTHENTIC and HUMBLE he is! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Scott) #1165

I sometimes plan ahead and say I am just not hungry but can sneak out t the car for a handful of macadamia nuts if needed.


You know you’re a Ketoer when…

…you catch a glimpse of that LOVELY foil wrapped block of Kerrygold Butter, and all you think is
“Ah, a new kind of Ice Cream Sandwich!” :joy:


I thought I was the only one!

(Liz) #1168

You know you’re a ketoer when you woke up in the misdle of the night wondering if Brexit would affect your bacon supply! Sad but true!
Is it too much to think of filling an entire freezer drawer with bacon? :joy:

(Diane) #1169

Are you feeling ok? Otherwise, how could you even ask?

(Liz) #1170

Just needed the reassurance I guess!
Appreciate the reply… new freezer coming next week so now I know that it is entirely rational I shall be bulk buying bacon…well bulkier buying I guess since there is never less that 2 packs i the place :joy::joy::joy:

(Diane) #1171

When I find one I like and it’s on sale- you better believe I buy in bulk! I set aside money every paycheck into a fund for buying good deals in bulk. I always eventually use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Liz) #1172

Great idea! I have discovered cheap ‘cooking bacon’ here in the UK…basically all the offcuts that are not whole rashers etc. One of oor supermarkets is selling them for 79p a pound! Think that is around a dollar US.
Tastes good and I shall be stocking up!

(Troy) #1173

When my weekend would be planned!! ( see below pic )

Party at Night
Drive-thru for Donuts in the AM😍
My treat for ALL the slumbers

No food of any kind
Nothing. Not Hungry
Drive-thru for an iced americano at Starbucks

Works for me🙂
NSV…not under the weather or hung over like back THEN
A win - win

(Ellenor Bjornsdottir (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #1174

Brexit will affect your everything supply.

Just get as much fatty beef including organs as you possibly can.

Buy extra deep freezers if you can afford to.

Change some of your pounds for Euro because the pound Sterling is tumbling.

(Laura Victor) #1175

That stuff is great with roasted brussel sprouts, and a lot cheaper than pancetta.


You see a cooking show mid-way through and immediately assume the golden-white rectangle they’re grilling is Halloumi cheese…then are disappointed to find out it’s fish lol.