You know you're a ketoer when


When you’re at a restaurant, and order a steak with a side of butter.


You know you’re a ketoer when BS means blood sugar and not bullshit.


When your phone looks like this:

(Karen) #1139



we have the meat grinder. we got to Costco and buy those long tubes of pork and grind them then I make ground pork and cabbage bowls. yum.

(Kirk Wolak) #1141

You Offer up a

Celebratory Fast

as a way to celebrate something really important…


Kellogg Puts a Hit out on You!

You have mastered cooking steak to such a degree that an offer to go to Ruth Chris Steakhouse (with someone else paying) has to be REALLY Thought about for a while!

You know at least 2 people you can borrow Glucose/Ketone Sticks from in case of emergency!

Once you know the calories and the fat content, you don’t need to look any further to know this is junk food and not worth eating.

You can estimate your ketone levels by the taste in your mouth!

You realized you stopped sweating about 3 months ago!

(Karen) #1142

Ha ha Ha ha ha
I love the keto sticks line

(Melanie Pierce) #1143

Or you just savor the tiny cracker and thimbleful of communion grape juice like it’s candy.

(Graci) #1144

This made me truly laugh out loud, I actually had anxiety taking communion after starting Keto… I was just freaking out wondering how much sugar & carbs could possibly fit in that thimble of juice and mini-wafer, thank goodness I’ve calmed down :joy:

(Karen) #1145

I usually take a gluten free wafer and dip. If we’re stuck with a bit of bread and a cup of wine or grape juice, I just take a sip. I need to get a hold of myself and breathe. It won’t throw you out of ketosis