You know you're a ketoer when

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #1116

This is a good question


You know you’re a Keto’er when:
You have twice the energy of people half your age.
You can do the twice the amount of work of those people half your age in the half the time it would take them to the same work.

You Ketofy your fellow co-workers, and bring samples of FatDough recipe variations to work for them to try.

(Karen) #1118

Sizzling bacon right out of the oven! Come and grab a strip now! Crunchy, salty, fatty, bring your own tongs. :bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Khara) #1119

You know you’re a ketoer when…

Your cat starts clucking through the window at the hummingbird on the feeder outside and your spouse starts explaining to the cat how “that bird is no good because she’s full of sugar.” :grin:

(Jane- Old Crone) #1120

Love your name!

(KCKO, KCFO) #1121

You finally realize, you can have a scrambled egg with bacon bits, black coffee/water, for breakfast and be satisfied for hours.

(Jane- Old Crone) #1122

You have a salt shaker at every spot where you spend any amount of time. (My tv watching chair, stove, dining table, office desk…)

(Cynthia Anderson) #1123

The skirt you bought when it was too small is now too big to wear.

You try on skirts at the store and fit a size 9 instead of a 14/16.

(Kimberly) #1124

You’re scrolling on Pinterest and are terribly disappointed when the photo you see out of the corner of your eye turns out to NOT be brussels sprouts, but instead it was mint-chip ice cream. Bummer.

Sure did make me think that my brain really has been rewired!

(Jane) #1125

When you have a pork butt in your sous vide on the kitchen counter and you are smoking pork belly strips in your smoker on the back deck!


When the bakery you drive by on the way to work elicits nothing more than a casual notice that something smells.

When you freeze bacon and eat it cold like it’s a candy bar.

(Scott) #1127

I use to run by Krispy-Kreme doughnuts during my 5 am run and be tormented by the Hot n Now sign. Now the smell repulses me.

(George) #1128

You know you’re a ketoer when you have nightmares of being chased by a loaf of bread and then a stick of Kerrigold butter in shining armour saves you.

(Anjum) #1129

So I think the app and notification would serve as a reminder of how resilient you are and how far you’ve come. :balloon:

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #1130

Heavy cream becomes a refreshing beverage. :milk_glass:

(Libby) #1131

Put a half cup of heavy cream into blender, add ice and a little cinnamon, whirl it up. Very nice.

(Scott) #1132

It also makes my eggs taste fantastic!

(Jody) #1133

A bowl of HWC after dinner :heart:

(Belinda Conklin) #1134

I have to go and find it when I am cooking these days as it seems to live on the table now…maybe easier to just buy another one :grinning:

(Troy) #1135

Dinosaurs. Ummm
When one of the 39 or so Jurassic Park movies are aired…some type of marathon
Happens Basically everyday now
I think🤔
Breaks my fast each time lol

Most dinosaurs were salad Eaters or vegetarians
Grass fed, who knows ( I lost my science paper on this, dog ate it )

Time to Spark up the Grill now!!
“ que “ the :cut_of_meat:
Some T-Rex steaks anyone🤣 on the bbq?

Any who