You know you're a ketoer when


I did the same…i removed all groups and sites like tasty, food blogs, etc from my lists. No more…

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #1097

When you divide an egg breakfast casserole into zip lock baggies and eat a square of it cold from the bag like a candy bar and it’s extremely delicious that way.


Every once in a while I get a bit of sweet tooth but I keep a container I made several weeks ago of sliced almonds I toasted in the skillet with coconut oil and then sprinkled ground Himalayan sea salt and then screened a bit of monk fruit sweetening powder on. My stash is almost as full as when I first made it. I have only taken a teaspoon of it a couple of times since I made it and it does satisfy my (rare) sweet tooth.

(Candice) #1099

I have not arrived, and may never. :grin:

How can someone be so horribly grating on a podcast? I’ve never been so repulsed by someone talking!!

(Candice) #1100

I did it at Christmastime, when I returned the beautiful bright red KitchenAid mixer I had just received b:cry:

(Aubrey Simmons) #1101

What you so loud fah? :unamused:

(Roxanne) #1102

I just bought myself one for Christmas (in Majestic Yellow), with grinder and grating attachments. Fantastic for grinding and mixing your own sausage meats, grating cheese, shredding cabbage, and mixing up a triple batch of cheese bread for the freezer.

(Jane) #1103

And the zoodler attachment is SWEET!

Makes a huge pile of zoodles with minimal clean up.

Also use my Kitchen Aid for keto cheesecakes.

(Roxanne) #1104

I haven’t splurged in the spiralizer attachment yet - I’m glad to here the good review. I find the other attachments wonderful to use and easier to clean than the food processor.

(Daniel Winter) #1105

Something about pure bacon grease gives an odd feeling when its alone. With whats left in the pan after a pack of cooked bacon a spoon of tomatoe paste and a couple spoons of cream cheese, water to help mix and salt. Its like the cheese flavor from mac n cheese but 5 star :grin:

(Clare) #1106

You know you’re a ketoer when you just wanna shout ‘STOP EATING SO MUCH SH*T!!!’ into the faces of people who whine they’re always tired!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Melora) #1107

You know you’re a ketoer when your husband puts his steak fat on your plate w/out even asking.

(KCKO, KCFO) #1108

Yup, and my husband hands over the leg bones so I can eat the ends off of them collagen, yummm.

(Troy) #1109

Welcome to the forum!:smile:


Ahh…again this Reminds me of my childhood😊
We would leave the fat on our plates for my grandma
All 6-8 of us!:slightly_smiling_face:
So it was a FULL plate of steak fat
A slab basically

We all Thought it was so gross🤢
She was a trend setter
Minus…the part cooking w crisco and Margerine😳

(Karen) #1110

When you think of broccoli not for the fiber, but as a mop for butter.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #1111

. . . and the cheese sauce! Don’t forget the cheese sauce. :grin:

(Melora) #1112

I feel bad for women who don’t eat!


When I have some cheese with my sister and taste one of her grapes, then hear her complain that these little sugar cubes pretending to be berries are too sour.


When you spend an entire weekend eating as much as you possibly can, and still manage to lose weight from friday to monday.

(Troy) #1115

When back in the SAD days, I would DEFINITELY drive to get me some fresh donuts!
Had this app and or notification been around then

More importantly, on should ask, why the HECK do I have this app and notification on my phone :flushed:

I Don’t Know
But they are drive thru ready fresh, right out of the oven😂