You know you're a ketoer when


Days’ worth of fasting dishes.

(Karen) #956

Ha ha haha ha ha!


(Sophie) #957

Yeah, I find myself shutting down when they start with the sickness crap. My eyes glaze over and my mind wanders to happier topics, which I change the subject to. :roll_eyes:

(Blessed with butter ) #958

You look in peoples grocery cart and say. Bad. Bad good bad bad bad geese get a clue. I do it with commercials too and at restaurants.

(Lorraine Barbara Gill) #959

You search for a mini scale to take out with you on dinners ahahah

(Laurie) #960

Look in stores that cater to dope dealers.

(Sophie) #961

For real! :laughing::rofl::laughing: Never thought of that! :laughing:

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #962

Holy cow, Batman! :bat: :cow: :angel:

(Joanna Parszyk ) #963

Also: when u shoot mayo straight from the bottle and eat spoons of butter as dessert or when hungry and on the go!

When your NSV are so owerwhelming that you cry of joy.

When u switch to 0,5 kg butter packages and use it in one week.

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #964

When you go to the shop and buy 1kg butter and take it home and make it into ghee. Monthly :slight_smile:

(Blessed with butter ) #965

You get a like in the what did you keto forum and you’re pic of food pops up. Your mind says yum that looks good. Then you realize it’s your own photo.

(Mike W.) #966

When you dress your daughter as an avocado for Halloween :joy:

(Karen) #967


(Sophie) #968

OMG, the gurl has got the avo goin On!!! :+1::smile:

(Doug) #969

Ha! :smile: Mike, that is great!

(Blessed with butter ) #970

When you Use a fat bomb for chap stick before you eat it!

(Sophie) #971

When you see this and immediately realize that your brain only registered Sugar Water! :smile:

(Deborah ) #972

Yep, I do mine 7 mins. in my Instant Pot (large eggs), then straight into ice water for a few mins. Shells slide right off every time.

(Sergio Renteria) #973

You know your keto when your constantly mad at your avocados for not being ripe.

(Blessed with butter ) #974

Think why is this on an outside Isle? I thought healthy foods were on the outside Isle