You know you're a ketoer when

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I’m not, because I don’t need to. I’ll spend the money on more steak.


I have some little Rubbermaid containers…1/2 cup. They are very discrete and most times nobody notices when I slip one out with my butter in it. For years I’ve taken my own salt…even before keto. Most people nowadays are so self-absorbed you can get away with almost anything.

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I like what you say about dissing the keto flu term. I hate that almost everything now has been turned into a medical term. Insideous entry into our lives just so they can make a buck or a million, gr.

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This is my experience. Even in the gym. We think everyone is watching us, but, not so much.

I have been taking Cholula hot sauce in the travel side around with me for years. I’ve gotten a couple of thumbs up from some folks but that is it.

I just carry my salt in my purse in a slider zipped lock baggie. Most places I eat out at have pats of butter, if I go some place new, I just skip the butter. If I get hungry later I have my salt and water. I do have a small jar, 1 oz size I plan to use when traveling in the future for butter, because somethings just need butter to taste good.

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You scrape as much butter as you can from the inside of the wrapper.

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And lick it clean??

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No licking here, but kinda wishin’ I had, now. :grin:

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Keeping with that theme…

Flying home last night, and the airline had a “snack” available (short flight), which turned out to be some cheese and salami, both good enough to eat (given we were on a plane, not otherwise), and some rice-cracker-things and normal crackers.

I ate the cheese and salami, but my wife was most interested in the salt-and-vinegar things. So she spent the next 20 minutes licking the salt and vinegar coating off the rice and putting the rice delivery mechanisms back in the box…

Because I’m not a COMPLETE idiot, I didn’t take a photo of the final destruction, although I did very much want to document it for completeness…

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She just might be my sister from another mother. Sounds like something I have done in the past and probably will do again in the future.

Lots of stuff worse than Laughing Cow.

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What? I churned that damn thing for 15 minutes and didn’t even thicken the cream.

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You really need to have the cream at a warm room temp. otherwise you’ll be crankin your ass off! I left mine out for something like 4-5hrs and had to crank it for about 20mins to get my butter to coagulate. It was still worth the effort and it makes it more meaningful to me especially when I gift it and it’s well received. Happy Churning! :smile:

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I forgot to mention… you might not have been singin the correct song! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can’t give this enough :heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart_decoration:

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Absolutely marvelous!

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… when you sit there annoyed, listening to people complain about this medical condition/that medical condition/new medication complication/health issue, knowing that keto would help them but also knowing that they’re not willing to give up their carbage, so you keep your mouth shut.

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Nicely Said😀
So true
Family members especially all the time :roll_eyes:

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Yes! My husband, my children, my coworkers, and my extended family equally!

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It’s much easier if you just don’t bother listening :slight_smile:

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Lol maybe I should reword that “overhearing people”. Cause I really don’t listen most times lol