You know you're a ketoer when

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That looks like a fun toy, love the paddles too. I just use a jar and do a little workout to make butter now. I took a class at Wine and Whey, they did cheese making demos at Ketofest this year. We did butter, ricotta, and burrata, yummy stuff.

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What’s the right word for that? A butter churn? I could really use some education in this, like where do you get the milk, where do you get the appliance…

All I know about churning butter is that I did it in elementary school what seems like 100 years ago.

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Bob, you can make butter easily with this method:

Or just make it in a mason jar do a lot of shaking it, I kinda like this method because I can do it while watching tv.

If you want to keep it out on a counter, you will want to make it cultured butter. Add a tablespoon of buttermilk or plain full fat yogurt to the cream.

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It’s a small butter churn. Out of 10oz of heavy cream you can expect 4oz of butter. The quality depends on the cream of course. I purchased my mini churn from here…

As far as my cream goes, I got the best heavy (not whipping) cream I could find in my area. Not an easy feat in the middle of BumFuck Tennessee lemme tell ya. I used to do the mason jar shake it til ya break it method but I started to get sweaty palms about the jar slipping from my hands. I really like this smaller churn in lieu of throwing a jar full of cream against the wall. I’m really happy with how my first go turned out. Quite surprised actually, since I didn’t really expect the cream to be as good a quality as it turned out to be. I guess you just have to give it a try. YMMV.

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Thanks for that explanation.

If I recall elementary school properly (doubtful), it wasn’t whole milk but it wasn’t heavy cream, either. Unfortunately, that’s about all I recall, except that it was big churn like in the movies, like a tall, skinny, wooden barrel with a plunger and we all took turns churning the butter.

If it’s better than Kerry Gold, that would be tempting…

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Lol. I’m picturing Little house on the prairie…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Bit of shopping…

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Dang, Karen, that must be a nice big ribeye. :slightly_smiling_face:

My ‘You know you’re a ketoer when’ thing for today was rolling my eyes while reading a magazine while waiting for a random drug test at a medical urgent care place.

It was a ‘Men’s Health’ magazine, and there were about a dozen ads for some really sorry food products. :face_vomiting: Even those were in the minority, compared to cologne ads and a bunch of stuff that’s all for appearance. Hey, what happened to the “health” part?

One article really caught my eye: “Fat-proof Your Life.” Oh come on…! :smile:

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An article on extended fasting?:innocent:

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Someone has a nice freezer!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Amen! Husband had some cashew chicken… I made it so I know the recipe has starchy vegetables, lots of cashews, peanut butter and brown sugar. He had it on rice. I had RIBEYE!!!


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Avocados :avocado: are your favorite thing ever! And egg salads. :egg:

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I didn’t even know what a rib eye was until joining this board! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You know it when, you go from easy to remove food stains, to harder to remove grease stains on all of your shirts! :roll_eyes:

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When I ask for 6 packs of whipped butter through a drive-thru ( McDonald’s )
I get shorted 2 packs and I feel ripped off, although they are free🤣

I park and walk back in and ask for 4 more instead😄

leave happy
Chatting w the cashier
Eating one on the way out
Skipping out…zipodee do dah, what a wonderful day

the old carby days, how dare anyone forget the fries!!
rampage and rant scene!!
Or that missing the taco elsewhere :rage: at the other “ Bell “ chain
Still NOT satisfied or happy

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The world would be a much happier place with fewer carbs. :grin:

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When bacon is on sale for $2.99 at the local shop and people look at your cart full of bacon like you’ve lost your mind.

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Its over there with that 50lbs of fat :crazy_face: :point_right: