You know you're a ketoer when

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #873

“Wrong” is just a philosophical concept.

(Susan) #874

I have no snacks to leave out for my decorator this week. I had tea or coffee but no sugar and only lacto-free milk. I noticed he hadn’t even bothered with that when I got home.

(Claudia) #875

Why…? I just do it :rofl::rofl:

(bulkbiker) #876

Seriously… oh shit I do both too… we must be really bad people…

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #877

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(Karen) #880

You know what you’re a ketoer when… Everything is covered with a thin film of bacon grease, including the dog!

(Ken) #881

You know you’re a ketoer when you do it for so many years you suppress your metabolism. Then you introduce limited carbs for two weeks and drop six pounds and one belt notch.

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(Cheyene Burnette) #883

Hence why I’m fixing to order this next week.

Can’t wait to try it.

(Cheyene Burnette) #884

When you become meal planning freak, just to see how many different ways you can cook meat with butter & cheese.

(Blessed with butter ) #885

lamo so true! its a minni pig one bite and its gone!!!

(Cheyene Burnette) #886

Yep, just did this last week. So freaking awesome!!

(Regina) #887

When your next-door neighbor texts:

“Chicken skin available. Must come to get.”

(Mike Glasbrener) #888

You know you’re a ketoer when…

You have food all over the place because you’re fasting and can never get to it.

You can’t meal plan because when you’re fasting you don’t want to dwell on food and when you’re feasting you have to plan for leftovers to sit a few days.

(Karen) #889

What the heck. I want that.!

(Claudia) #890

you must have the best neighbours in the world! :rofl:


Our bread maker broke months before we started keto, glad we didn’t replace it!

(Sophie) #892

You know it when you’re chompin at the bit to play with your new toys! :smile: