You know you're a ketoer when

(Karen) #853

Sugar scrubs are wonderful for Exfoliation.


(Laurie) #854

You have visitors from out of town, and you tell them they’ll have to figure out their own food.

(Roxanne) #855

Yup, my in-laws have learned to bring their own bread. I will occasionally make a side of potatoes or rice if I have a large group of non-keto people over for dinner, but generally don’t go out of my way to accommodate family.


Mmmm. I just found a bit of bacon on my skirt. Yum.

(ash) #857

I wish that were true with me. I don’t get cravings much. But every once in awhile I do. I been keto 6 months and I’ve made sweets like 5-6 times. Not often but every month or so I get I want something sweet.

(Karen) #858

I do accommodate. We have family that is gluten-free, family that is dairy free, family that is vegan, family that is basically carnivore, me I’m keto, some are Paleo and I just try and make something, a little something for everyone. I love all my somewhat difficult family members

(TJ Borden) #859

So… water?

(Karen) #860

Several flavors :joy:


Ha ha! Thats going to happen when I see my sisters at Christmas! One sister in particular! “Would you like me to make you some oatmeal? How about a sandwich?”

(Jeanne Wagner) #862

OMG I LOVE these!!!

(Melis Jansen ) #863

When you know that fall has really started because your coconut oil is totally solidified.

(Claudia) #864

loooove this :rofl::rofl:… I relate so much… at least it is still spoonable where i live… for now…

(Cheyene Burnette) #865



You know you’re a ketoer when…

  1. You dream about butter and bacon
  2. You watch someone trimming the fat off their steak and have to fight yourself not to snatch it off their plate
  3. You bring pork rinds to a party
  4. You never put your sous vide machine away
  5. You see sugar as a horrible mess of a drug
  6. You want to tell everyone how to sort their health out but worry about being a bit too “passionate”
  7. You feel like you’re buying all the meat other people don’t want
  8. You sigh at the ingredients of yet another product with secret sugar

(TJ Borden) #867

:rofl::rofl::rofl:I actually did that a while back. It was my buddy’s girl friend, and it was the first time meeting her. We were at a nice restaurant in Seattle. She ordered a ribeye, so I immediately thought she must be cool. Then she cut the beautiful fat cap off and pushed it aside.

I asked if she was going to eat that, and she laughed as she said no, obviously thinking of course no one would eat that. I reached over my friend with my fork and grabbed it off her plate. My wife was pretty mad at me for that one. Apparently that’s even worse than chugging the cream from the little pitcher they give you when you order coffee.


Oh man. I can just imagine you chowing it down with delight :crazy_face: while the girlfriend, your friend, and your wife all looked stunned at what we would all consider a perfect maneuver. :anguished::flushed::expressionless:

How wrong she was! :drooling_face:

(TJ Borden) #869

My wife wasn’t stunned… not even surprised really. Not much I can do to surprise her anymore.

But there were about 6 other people at the table too, and all but one looked stunned, the one that didn’t was laughing hysterically. Of course he’s known me for over 20 years so he wasn’t anymore surprised than my wife was.

(Laurie) #870

That’s wrong?

(TJ Borden) #871

So I’ve been told. :joy::joy:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #872

They lied. it is perfectly fine, I’m sure of it.