You know you're a ketoer when




Give it a try. - I really think she wasn’t sure it was going to work the first time she did try it, but it sure as hell did! … She still gets a kick out of it, and I get to make my deviled eggs even faster! :wink: Haha…

(Irene ) #835

:raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️ This had been my recent experience…:joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


This is life changing.


I feel the need to make egg salad now


@Ruina @Mangusdog … Yeah, we were making so many boiled eggs after going Keto, she was looking for a way to peel them easier. She tried 3 or 4 other suggestions we found… but this one actually worked, and worked well! Can’t recall where we came across this though?

But I think she actually looks forward to making batches of eggs now. :slight_smile:

(Charlie Kathopoulis) #839

You know you are a ketoer when you open your top drawer to grab some notes and find …

… office supplies are apparently the bottom drawer.


TOP TIP!! I’m sooooo trying this. Thanks :grinning:

(Mike W.) #841

When your receipts look like this :heart_eyes:


When you start collecting salts of the world and bring one from every trip as a souvenir.
Start collecting butter dishes and salt containers.

While I’m not a full on ketoer, my friend must see me as one - when we had a catch up and did some crafts - she suggested this badge and I did it. I hope it is not insulting and offensive to anyone, if so I’ll remove it. But I find it funny and have it now and then on my handbag like this:

(Mike Glasbrener) #843

You haven’t eaten for three days and your only sort of hungry. You are deciding we’ll i guess I’ll eat tomorrow morning…


( and then a few days later, one day - you have a horrible cheat day and start eating at 5pm and dont stop till midnight till you basically eat all your cupboards, fridge, larder, all suppies, especially carby ones- and you feel like you need a surgery because you’ll burst) - the ups and downs!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #845

I need one of those, don’t you dare remove it. It makes me smile.

(Karen) #846

Instead of pancake mix, I have ground pork rinds. Instead of sugar I have erithritol, instead of flour for thickener I have xanthan gum. I buy multiple dozens of eggs every week. And pounds of bacon. In my refrigerator instead Soybean mayonnaise I have avocado mayo, and coconut mayo. My pantry, which holds dry goods normally, is now practically empty as most of the dry goods are carbage.

(Ellen) #847

When you buy steak & prawns for a celebratory surf n turf meal (finally completed & passed my dangerous goods course) then realise you’re just not hungry. Oh well, will celebrate tomorrow / this weekend.


You know your on keto when all of your old belts have extra holes drilled in them and look ratty af

(Claudia) #849

… you store sugar in your bathroom with the beauty supplies not in the pantry with the food :joy::joy:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #850

Or there just is not sugar anywhere in the house. Only alternatives to it.

(Sophie) #851

There’s a lot to be said for a good sugar scrub! And no, it doesn’t make your ass bigger either! :smile:

(TJ Borden) #852

I cut all sweets when I started, then when I found the podcast, I started adding in artificial sweeteners to try the recipes the dudes kept talking about. Since then, I’ve either not replaced what I’ve run out of and/or chucked most of what I had. I just don’t have a sweet tooth at all anymore.