You know you're a ketoer when

(Ketopia Court Jester) #325

I actually tried some dark chocolate a while back to see if it would trigger me. It tasted like wax. Keto mission accomplished!

(Ketopia Court Jester) #326

Again…video. And a close up on her widened eyes.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #327

That has a nice ring to it, actually. You need a green t-shirt with an avocado on it now. It’s like Superman’s cape.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #328

OMG, I’ve started doing this! I think the sugar free Altoids in my purse are getting jealous.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #329

The best revenge is living well. Or out-living them well.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #330

Address? Haha!

(Tovan Nhsh) #331


(Dr. Emily Franklin ) #332

Yes! And, the new pants you just bought a couple of months ago (that fit a bit snug then) are already too big…

(Dr. Emily Franklin ) #333

It’s my secret… moohoohwahwahwa

(Mike Glasbrener) #334

Yum. Looks like my cart!

(Ernest) #335

HAHAHA! Let me get on searching.


My entire crisper drawer is filled with avocados.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #337

Those aren’t avocados, they’re self-sealed fat bombs. Just add salt.

(Tammy Watson) #338

And mayo and sauerkraut! Mm mm

(Zu) #339

You know your keto when;

Your eating larger satiating meals and so full all the time, yet you had to put away your skinny leg jeans which are now relaxed fit, and wear your 10 year olds jeans as cumfy fitting capris instead

(Lisandra Mathews) #340

When thirsty is the new hangry and when snacking consists of dipping your finger in some Redmonds salt.

(Cece Blackstock) #341

So that would be “thangry”? Lol!!

(Lisandra Mathews) #342

Totally! Thangry is real.

(Khara) #343

@JustPeachy Do you have a favorite method/recipe for homemade full fat yogurt? I’ve seen several options online but never done it myself.

(Bob) #344

All hail the ketopia court jester. Erma Bombeck would be proud of u. Very funny stuff.