You know you're a ketoer when


When you consistently buy out the $6.98 bottles of Coconut Oil Capsules at Walmart & Target.

(Ian Storey) #245

When you play “Health Claims Gone Wild” with your partner at the supermarket:

(Ian Storey) #246

You realize that you forgot to have lunch

(Ian Storey) #247

You get funny looks in the cafe because you put butter in your coffee

(Elizabeth ) #248

You keep a jar of Himalayan salt crystals on your desk at work and suck on them like mints during the day…

(Dustin Cade) #249

When a normal question in your home is “are you eating tonight?”

(Mary Ann) #250

Great idea. Did you get through TSA check in with butter? Not sure if they flag that…I’m always worried about “oily” things.

(eat more) #251

…you get stuck in traffic for 3.5 hours and think “podcast?”

(danjo171) #252

I fly quite a lot and have had no trouble with butter. Although where possible I try to use those individual 10 gram packs. You can then put them in ziplock bags just like other LAG’s


My kids regularly ask if it’s a feasting or fasting day!!


Fasting has just as much appeal to you as eating.

(Annika) #255

Sure did! TSA didn’t say a word about it.

(eschor) #256

learn new and unexpected things…at the dr office. i just learned …i grew an inch…know it is in error but gave me a giggle. kcko

(Pinar Ertekin) #257

haha I have in the office: pink salt, potassium, apple cider vinegar!

(Ellie Baum) #258

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no reason to at least cook up the entire package of bacon when I need bacon. And I need bacon.

(Thao Le) #259

My friend was saying your A1C goes down, your blood sugar goes down but you’ll have an heart attack or cancer because eating keto causing inflamation arghhh… need to divorce them.

(Ernest) #260

You take your own butter when going out of town or out to eat! Just in case ya know…

(Fran) #261

Tell them to show you the science.

(Mary Ann) #262

I’ve been looking for those types of containers (!!) for butter … for travel!

(Ernest) #263

@MaryAnn look for cocotubes on amazon. I love them!! I went back and got a second set