You know you're a ketoer when

(Mary 🌹 ) #224

That hasn’t happened to me …?

(Tom) #225

When your financial aid money is running dry and you initially look at it as a great opportunity for extended fasting.

(Becky) #226

The family reunion that conflicted with ketofest is cancelled and you yell, “Whippee!”

(Alex Peralta) #227

Me (mouth watering) “excuse me; do you have a ribeye roast with a thicker fatcap?”

Butcher “why???”

(Rachel) #228

When subconsciously licking your lips you start thinking about butter.
When you crave BPC instead of chocolate.

(Nisa) #229

New to Keto so apologies for the dumb question, what is the cheesecloth for?

(eat more) #230

squishing the water out of veggies for stuff like cauliflower tortillas :blush:

(Nisa) #231

ahhhh, thanks. so much to experience, day one is just ending for me

(Dustin Cade) #232

My last amazon order for this coconut oil was 3 gallons… the price went up after, i keep checking as when it goes back down to <19$ a gallon I’ll order a couple more… i need to order my butter in bulk too…


When butter goes on sale here at Costco we usually buy 20lbs, because its close to a dollar a pound off. But last time, we must have missed a sale, and we were getting dangerously close to only having 2lbs left in the house, which is complete panic stations here. :scream:
Thankfully, that day it was on sale at Costco, :sweat_smile:and not wanting to take any chances of this happening again, we loaded up a whole case, 40lbs. :yum:
The ‘lady’ (aka crazy person) at the checkout told me there were limits to how many we could buy, and wanted to know if they were for business use. :woman_facepalming:t2:
She was incredulous when I responded that no, they were absolutely for personal use. :roll_eyes:
So determined she was to stop me on my butter mission, she sent another staff member to check with the manager. While I awaited the verdict, I opted not to engage with this psycho :clown_face:, & I kept calm and ketoed on.
I am pleased to report that the manager was a sensible person and off I went with my 40lbs of butter. :grimacing:
I am betting that cashier was wishing she had some butter of her own when she had all that crow to eat.
The moral of the story is don’t get in the way of a Ketoer and their butter!

(Ashley Haddock) #234

Like why would Costco CARE how much butter you buy or why?? (And why is there no eyeroll emoji??)

(eat more) #235

:rolling_eyes: <<< it’s : rolling_eyes :


(Ashley Haddock) #236

Woohoo! I tried typing it in but didn’t put the space. Haha Thanks!

(Fran) #237

You know you’re a ketoer when you know what baconnaise is and you’re excited to make some out of the bacon grease from your homemade bacon.

You know you’re a Ketoer when you have pork rinds instead of popcorn when watching movies.


I would have told the bitter Cosco cashier lady that the 40 lbs of butter was for an orgy.

(Ashley Haddock) #239



Now that would have given her some food for thought!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Never had an issue in Costco with service, so this was a real first for me - she definately took her job a little too seriously!

(eat more) #241

probably fat phobic that doesn’t ask vegans “why are you buying all of these vegetables?!” LOL

(Val Bezant) #242

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Going to have to quote these to keto friends…:wink:

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #243

When you come home after a weekend away and your house smells like you just cooked bacon.