What tools do you bring on a picnic?

(Hugo) #1

Hi all,

After learning much about knifes, seems like any knife would really do the trick.

I’m considering to bring a date out on a picnic, what are the tools to bring on the trip? Obviously I’m thinking to make something with avocado, and with various fruits.

I wish everyone a happy holidays and happy new year!


(Bob M) #2

Good question. I haven’t been on a picnic for years, so can’t give any advice. Pre-keto, I’d say sandwiches, fried chicken, etc., none of which would you need a tool. Post-keto, I’m not sure what I’d bring.

(Laurie) #3

I’d prepare/cut up everything ahead of time, but a knife might come in handy. Other tools might not be needed. The foods will give you an idea, e.g., tongs for salad. And take a couple of sturdy bags: one for dirty dishes, one for garbage.

(Bob M) #4

What do you bring? I’d say chicken/tuna “salad”. Charcuterie (meats, olives, cheeses). Can’t really think of anything else. Maybe chicken legs?

(UsedToBeT2D) #5

Some wine and cheese, a blanket, and some wet wipes.