What did you take a photo of on your walk today?


Actully took this a few days ago, but we see them most mornings when walking the dogs.


I found a night camera app that helps. It is creatively called “Night Camera”.

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Thanks! Just installed it - can’t wait to try it out tonight.


Just so everyone knows… I do save an occasional image from this thread for potential art class projects. I’m looking at you, scrub jay.

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Aawwww!!! :grinning:

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I love my 10-24 ultra wide. It’s SO wide though that it has to be used with care. It’s awesome for making people look fat :slight_smile:

What, so he can drop it on the bird? I think that’s about the only possible way anything would happen there from the look of that cat…

(Jane) #208

My thoughts exactly! :laughing:

My little hunter is thin and quick on her feet and no mice, lizards or birds are safe when she is on the prowl. I watched her pounce on a bird and come up with it in her mouth, feathers sticking every direction, and was amazed at how quick she was. Would have been great to film with a high-speed camera and watch in in slo-mo.

She wanted to eat it on the porch and I made her take it down to the garden.

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Ok so I hefted my big boy into my arms and stepped on a scale…he was whining and protesting the whole time (I get that!) but I got him weighed. 22.2 lbs. I have friends with dogs that don’t weigh half that. The stuffed bobcat at the local HVAC company that was shot near me doesn’t weigh that much!!!

He’s old and pampered and has a good life. His step sister (my hunter) weighs 10 lbs. Haven’t cornered her furry long-haired (lazy, not-a-hunter) sister yet but I bet no more than 11 lbs.

(Regina) #210

Ok, so a new low in Regina’s night time photography! This was actually taken with my husband’s camera, and he informs me he didn’t have time to get the setting right. The moon just kinda happened. You know how moons are. But anyway, the moon was huge and orange. It was the November Beaver moon, named so by native americans, who knew it was time to set the beaver traps. Anyone else see or photograph this amazing sight tonight?


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Right on, Regina, All Hail the Moon! :slightly_smiling_face: Cloudy here tonight in Atlanta, Georgia (:rage:) but have had great views the past few nights.

(Regina) #213

Ours was quickly eaten up by clouds. But, there is always the December Cold Moon!!!

(Doug) #214

Right on. :slightly_smiling_face: My wife and I really love the moon, and keep track of where it’s at in its cycle, plan vacations around it, etc. We currently live in a Midtown Atlanta condominum or ‘soft loft,’ and its good view to the east was an important factor. Probably one more move for us - to a single-family home with enough room for a few dogs to romp around, a big garden, a stupidly large amount of flowers… and a perfect view to the east.

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Taste-tester is in the house…and waiting!

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:smiley: Some penetrating eyes there.

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“On a scale of one to FEED ME NOW, how guilty are you feeling?”

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His eyes were on a piece of cheese - and since he’s a lab-cross, mine is a xylitol free house. I think the only things he won’t eat are celery and snow peas (unless they have other people-food on them, then they’re ‘acceptable’).

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“Dogs love cheese.”

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OK, so it’s a screenshot. It’s a KIND of photo. Well, it’s an image.

State election today. I like the way they’ve used text message to alert people to info as it approached.