What can I dip in to peanut butter if I am craving desert?



I’m not doubting you, but you normally come across to me as a very positive and confident, care free person.

Then again, most people don’t know the demons I struggle with at times, becausewhy would you want others knowing…at work, even family for example.

Yeah…give the experimental cooking a go if you can, I recommend it. :kissing_heart:

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That’s because I aspire to be. I’m a mostly confident person (never used to be), but I force myself to be positive, because that’s the only way things change. Plus, I hate being a burden to others, so I get people telling me this often. Most people that known me in real life wouldn’t have a clue of the torment that goes on in my mind. I’m very good at hiding it. That’s why I like to write, because it gives me the release I need to not go insane.


Yep, I get it.

Well, you are more healthier than me, I can tell you that…despite your dirty keto!

I have a gin issue I’m working through, and I’m not hitting the gym in my garage or otherwise (although I do walks and dumbells…but I need to get out on that £800 bike I bought! Or it’s such a waste of money, sitting there not being used).

More active at work now, as opposed to remote working, so hopefully that will help me too.

Writing is good. Health isn’t all physical…it’s mental too…and nutritional!


Like a chef, eh? :slight_smile:

What would be your favourite meal to cook for a special night?


Leftovers! The saviour of today IMHO.

Doesn’t always work, but if you find you can batch cook, seal and refrigerate, or freeze…then you’ll always have something quick to hand. Same with tinned sardines or mackerel, eggs and cheese.

I have to confess, I’ve developed a tasting for salami. I have doubts on how good that is for me, but I like the taste.

I usually keep a stash of pre cooked half price sausages in the fridge too. Again, not sure how healthy, but is working for me and pup at present.


Couple of ideas here.
cut half the PB with butter. Mix and eat, (if you MUST eat PB)

Or make egg pudding. equal parts egg and water (or broth), add either ZC sweetener for a dessert custard, or braggs aminos for a salty savory custard. Steam and enjoy with butter melted over it.


Not a bad idea :+1:

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Mine was vodka.

That would depend on what the guy wanted. Maybe some pan seared salmon with crispy skin with beurre blanc sauce with some roasted brussel sprouts with bacon. If I was staying keto.


Hahaaha! Salmon for me too.

I like that!

Vodka=Gin…no question there.

You look after yourself x.


And stay keto/ketovore/carni…whatever you can manage :slight_smile:

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So when are you coming for dinner? :joy:


Anytime before Armegoddon would suit me x :slight_smile:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #53

Great and hope I’m not depressed that day :joy:


We’d work on that, lol!

Bloody hell, this is outrageous! But I hope it cheers you up x.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #55

I’m happy today, so I’m thankful for that. I take each day as it comes and I use a lot of meditation and crystals lol


Well, you are very well liked, very much, on here and I’m sure elsewhere no question, and of course by me.

Yeah, sometimes hard to hold the chin up.
If I didn’t have Carly, whom I now officially call her (titles) ‘Red Dog’, ‘Chief Sniffer’…and really positively, ‘Therapy Dog.’

Because, she seems to know when and how to lift my spirit out of the mire, and does it naturally.

Carly does that for me…maybe your training does that for you? :man_shrugging:
Who knows. Find it.

Glad you are happy today!


Sorry folks- didn’t mean to hijack a thread in anyway. just happened!

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When I feel like something different I have some unsweetened greek yoghurt with a bit of heavy cream mixed through. The rest of the time it’s meat, meat and more meat, with the occasional egg or 3 and very occasional slice of cheese.


Yes that is generally what I do, but the freezer is always totally ram packed. I am currently clearing out the little box room so I can fit a chest freezer in there.


LOL. Here’s the deal (even though I don’t do deals :thinking: :upside_down_face:).

I cook for you, you do the cleaning!

We’ll sub the dish washing out to to dish washer machine.