What can I dip in to peanut butter if I am craving desert?


(Bacon enough and time) #21

Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me you like okra, too. :scream:


I ate okra once in Greece, it was nice. But nothing special unlike the irresistible pickled beetroot :heart_eyes:

(Though I resist almost anything at this point. I take carnivore-ish very seriously on some weeks :slight_smile: And I have been training myself since ages. I was a peanut addict but it didn’t mean I couldn’t stop at half a peanut. Not always but usually. I can stop at 0 too but it’s only ridiculously easy all the time on carnivore. And I still can smell the jar on carnivore :smiley: Nice smell.)


The only vegetable that comes with its own glue!

No, its not something I could even buy out here in the country. You can get it in cities where they have a lot of Indian culture. I’ve tried it a few times but its a bit gross.

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When we visited some friends in Baton Rouge, I had to ask our host to make his jumbalaya without okra. I just couldn’t stomach it.

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It’s facing and confronting the craving… Why respond?


Careful, you can get shot for that.


Have lamb chops for dessert…that’s what I plan to replace my berries with.


I’m partial to pickled beets.

Scares the s h i t out of ya the next day though!


now that is one lip smacking good fat dessert :100: nothing like gnawing on a fine juicy chop to make life grand!


Sounds like my kind of pudding! But what would you have for dinner?


More lamb chops, but with an egg or two!

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I’d cook lamb more often but a) I barely cook anymore and b) cooking lamb makes the house stink for hours and I hate stagnant cooking smells.


Why don’t you cook anymore, if you don’t mind me asking?

Lamb has a nice aroma, especially with correct herbs/seasoning; although yeah, I get what you mean…I’d have the extractor fan on full speed.


Talking of lamb chops…picked some up earlier.

This is my upcoming ‘devouring horizon’:


Chinese pork chops tonight…half price lol!


Lambs’ liver tomorrow.

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I buy the healthy food, then get depressed and don’t give a ■■■■■ enough to cook it.


So what do you eat?

I get low moods too friend…but I find cooking can help to combat that, especially if sharing the food; which for me, is usually with my dog, ha!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #38

Lately, fast food cheeseburger patties. I’m like lazy dirty keto on steroids. When I get depressed, I can’t be bothered to do mostly anything. So my energy goes towards workouts and cleaning. Once that zaps my emotional battery, cooking is not happening.


Sorry to hear that.
I can’t really think what I would eat if I didn’t cook.
The thing I get annoyed about is that when I’m hungry, there is nothing I can eat unless I cook it.
Apart from left over cold meat, and maybe cheese, what else is there?

(Little Miss Scare-All) #40

Yeah it’s totally not ideal. When I’m out off depression I’m like a freakin chef. I cook very well. But depression is f’ing terrible lol. Such a thief of life.