What can I dip in to peanut butter if I am craving desert?


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What can I dip in to peanut butter if I am craving desert?

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Peanut butter is rather high in carbohydrate, so I’d be careful using it to satisfy a craving. It would be easy to eat more than one’s daily carb limit just in peanut butter.

Back when I still needed something sweet, I would heat up a couple of squares of unsweetened chocolate in the microwave, add heavy cream and some artificial sweetener. It made a kind of fudge that was more or less keto-friendly. Nowadays my tastes have changed to the point where I prefer the unsweetened chocolate by itself.

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We are all individual, however, I never scratched that itch. Instead, I’d have something else I loved - couple pieces of bacon, 4 oz. cream cheese, brick cheese, scrambled eggs in butter, etc. I suspect many times when we crave something, it is because we are hungry and wanting.

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You can mix peanut butter with coconut oil. That makes it fattier per carb. Add a little stevia for a touch of extra sweetness.


It wouldn’t be a dip but I would make a walnutty mug cake (walnut, yolk, sodium bicarbonate+vinegar but baking powder works the same, sweetener, that is my best cake, quick to make in the microwave oven and it goes with ice cream, chocolate and many more) but it’s my preference, of course.

I don’t actually like peanut butter, just peanuts but I used to add fat to the latter and it made wonderful salty treats (that I had to ban as I overate fat like crazy that way).

It’s possible but in my case, nope. I am satiated after a proper meal… And then I want my dessert. It happens less often on carnivore, thankfully. Carbs usually don’t help much, I just want more carbs and more treats and desserts. But it’s me. Dessert in the end of every meal childhood and younger years, carbs mess with me…
Maybe one wants a dessert because the main meal wasn’t enjoyable enough.
But being hungry and NOT having appetite towards the proper food may be a reason too. I am familiar with that.
Choosing better staples solved these for me. But I probably still will fancy a dessert here and there…

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I did the exact same thing for a sweet craving while keto. I believe I also died some cream cheese too.


Your finger. Zero additional carbs.


Are you the one freak alive that won’t eat half the jar? Because most would! When I want dessert type things, which is every day, I make protein sludge bowls, literally just ate one now. I did 1 scoop chocolate whey, 1 scoop chocolate casein, almond milk, mix it up which comes out like brownie batter, some frozen blueberries (it works) I sometime do add (some) peanut butter, I put in some keto chocolate cereal for crunch, and whipped cream. It’s amazing by any standards, not just keto ones.

Also, something to take serious note on, there’s a difference between when you (want) a desert, and when you (crave) one, craving one leads to bad things, so be careful when that’s happening! Especially with something like peanut butter.

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Make some egg white bread and use that as the base. Or I love flackers but don’t eat too many, just like 1-2.

Or if you have the egg white flats, you can air fry and make into chips.

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The Skippy Natural creamy PB I use is 7g of total carbs per 2 Tbsp serving. You could use half of that serving and pour in some cold heavy cream, stir it around furiously until it whips into a low carb pb mousse that’s only like 1.5g of sugar and 3.5g of total carbs, then you can either eat that as is. It was my go to keto dessert for a long time.


I think the term ‘fat bomb’ is a little dated now, but I’m guessing this would be one.

If my carbs allow, and I really need to boost my calories I go for 2 tbs of a high quality runny peanut butter with whipped cream on top.

I feel your pain though… most bread of cracker replacements are eggy or cheesy which doesn’t really work with peanut butter.

You could try the crispy stem of lettuce?


Egg works with everything and most keto bread uses so little that it’s not eggy anyway (though it probably depends on the person to some extent). But egg makes the best desserts anyway and suits peanuts wonderfully :slight_smile: I have a mostly peanut biscuit with eggs, best biscuit of mine (softish but I can’t make crunchy baked goods, apparently), of course with peanuts, not peanut butter but peanut butter biscuits with eggs exists too. Cheese is another thing, only mascarpone and the like is good for desserts IMO.

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You just reminded me that my mother used to cut pieces of celery and dip them into peanut butter. Since celery is mostly fibre and water, that ought to be pretty keto, as long as the peanut butter doesn’t exceed our carb limit.



To the OP----I don’t know how long Keto Plan or how you are doing with how you are working your plan from your post, but key for me personally was dessert no longer exists :slight_smile: I have to agree with Marianne on this one cause it is me too cause in your post ALL I SAW is that word craving. It can mean so much to each of us, a battle to change it out of our lives or something we can incorporate and do well on so??

and for me, a little peanut butter on a spoon would be dessert LOL you don’t have to dip anything :wink:

but I hate peanut butter LOL so for me I would concentrate on eating ENOUGH food for my meal to make dessert become obsolete and not part of my life anymore cause my brain says ‘dessert’ and down the sugar path I go, all in and in bad form, but if you can have dessert, there are TONS of Keto Plan receipes here or on the internet that suit the Keto Plan and some can enjoy that easily…wishing you the best way forward for ya!!

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I have noticed that personally, going cold turkey on anything sweet is the easiest way to go. At the moment I find almonds and lemons to be startlingly sweet - if you have a carb or two left and you aren’t actually still hungry, try a glass of ice water with lemon instead of a dessert. (Still hungry, eat fat.)

If I continue to use artificial sweeteners or drink diet soda, my tastebuds don’t reach this place and my sweet tooth stays with me, I find myself craving a dessert or at least a soda every night. Nice not to be in that place!

(If you’re really set on the nut butter, I’d second Paul’s suggestion: celery. The net carbs are about .6 per stalk, and in the case of celery I’d say it’s ok to count net carbs, as the fiber is Cellulose and absolutely not digestible.)


That sounded like such a great idea that I just tried it.
It doesn’t really work.
The water from the celery doesn’t mix with the peanut butter, it feels pretty weird in your mouth.
And the water stops you tasting the peanut butter.

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Sorry it didn’t work for you. My mother enjoyed it. But then, she also liked pickled beets. :scream:


That doesn’t always work for me but a tiny dairy is a nice dessert… Sometimes very much not dessert like items work, main thing it’s different from my main food! I very often have this “something different” desire.
But when I was a bit closer to my always-dessert HCHF times, I really got this dessert craving. Not sweets or anything specific but something that qualifies as proper dessert for me. It’s not convenient and strongly correlated with my non-animal carb consumption.
Of course, each to their own. Some people keep their desserts and have no problem with that.


Why, who doesn’t like pickled beets? :flushed:
It’s a bit tricky for me as it’s super sweet but I didn’t give it up yet. I usually just use the pickle juice to pickle eggs though.

And celery stalk with peanut butter is a big classic. It sounds very bad to me but no one could force me to try celery stalk to begin with and I don’t like PB (but it’s not too bad, I could eat that fine. just not the celery, whatever is that like. can’t be good). That’s personal taste. But MANY people love the combo.


I love pickled beets! I even do my own with balsamic vinegar.