Virginia's Keto-Journey / Saturday Morning Weigh-Ins

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Happy 32nd Anniversary to both of you. You both are such great supporters of this forum.

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Not my favourite track from this awesome band, but appropriate :slight_smile:


Thank you Sir, on both accounts. :slight_smile: Appreciate it.

Thanks, @juice … Not sure if I’m familiar with the band, but will check them out. Not a bad song. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Honey. :slight_smile: Nope, no drink for me…passed on it again. Maybe in a few more weeks :wink:


Not a problem. You will when you will. :slight_smile: … I just wanted to offer. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Eric :slight_smile:

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Awe, thanks Juice. That was so kind of you. :slight_smile:

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I know and thank you :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

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Week 19 weigh- in. This pass Saturday weighed in with a 1/2 pound loss, which I kind of figure it would be low because of my 6 pounds loss the week before.

Since losing weight I have only been buying leggings instead of jeans, so I wouldn’t have to keep replacing the jeans as I loss more weight. Well, yesterday I went to the Kmart nearest to us because they are closing and had good markdowns, I decided to go a head and buy a pair of jeans that I seen, wasn’t sure if they would fit or not because I didn’t know what size to get, but figure go a head and get them anyway being that they were only $3.00 and figure I would eventually get into them sooner or later…lol. Well, to my surprise, they fit, about 5 to 6 sizes smaller then I use to wear. :slight_smile: I also found some smaller leggings and bought some more of them as well, and they also fit.:slight_smile: Yay Me!!! Did pretty good as far as the markdowns go, got some clothes for my husband, son and myself. regular cost would of been 389 and I ended up paying only 138, not bad at all. :slight_smile:


Yeah, we do complain about this in the Keto Complaint Dept, but pants (trousers) are a real issue. You can get away with an oversized shirt a lot longer. Summer was easier because skirts are pretty trying the leggings thing now too.

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Glad you found some great deals on the clothes it is a blessing and a curse. Losing weight good, new clothes good but the money to regularly buy clothes. I have been putting off buying clothes figuring nobody would notice but today my pants almost slid right down, so I am going to get some new pants I put it off as long as possible. Good job on the nsv


You are doing great, and I’m glad you’re also finally starting to see what the rest of have been. :slight_smile: … And just for the Holiday-Gal you are… here’s a preview of that T-shirt I just told you about, that I picked up for ya today. - And If you’re nice, I’ll even let you wear it! :smile: … But I know it’s right up your alley. :slight_smile:

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Congrats on the new low Virginia, 1/2 pound is better than no loss but you must also feel great with the dropping down several sizes too, great NSVs! Who says you cant save money on keto right?

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Yes they are, I use to hate trying to buy jeans. But I’m liking the leggings now…the leggings are great.:slight_smile: And for the oversize shirts, I am still wearing some of my around here with the leggings… so comfortable. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Iced, yes there were some awesome deals. Check with your Kmart store if you have one near by, most of them are going out of business, the one here had all the clothes 70% off. I might take another trip over there before they close on the 6th of Jan.

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Thanks Honey, yeah, see it a little. :slight_smile: Love the shirt :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: deer and lights, what could be better… more lights:grin: You know me with my Christmas lights…lol

Oh and I am always nice, :kissing_heart: Love you

P.S. Thanks again for the necklace also

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Thanks Terence. :slight_smile: Yes I do feel good, just still surprised.:open_mouth:

Not me…lol



She sees it as… Saved Money, is just more Money! :smile:

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Alas, poor Pickle Dave. I knew him, Horatio.