Very serious question to put my mind at ease

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Well, no surprises there…


Thank you for the laughs :rofl:

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Oh wow, welcome to the new era of hypersensitivity indeed :joy:. At this point, non of my male teachers can say anything without ‘offending’ most of the girls in my class (I go to a girl school so it happens so often and it drives me insane). Just imagine going to school to hear a loud nasally voice declaring that “wHaT yOu JuSt sAiD wAs SeEeXiiiSt!!!” at least 5 times a day.

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That sort of stuff infuriates me!!! Why is it that half the world seems to be in a permanent state of outrage. Being ‘offended’ is like a disease…worse than keto flu! Chill out people!

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Brilliant thank you. I like that alot!! :grinning:
Autocorrect doesn’t like alot…it likes slot much better. Now imagining an alot with a slot.

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Here’s another. Maybe it is better retired but I am sitting here giggling because a user used the phrase to refer to his diet.

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Maybe they want flabby fat. :joy::joy::joy:

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How hilarious is that? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Spelling mistakes used to drive me crazy too, until I had a daughter with severe dyslexia. She’s 21 now, and in college. She’s been downright bullied on social media for her spelling and grammar mistakes after expressing herself on the internet. It’s driven her to tears many times and kept her from responding to many texts/emails. It deeply affected her self-esteem as a teen.

Most people don’t realize that dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence, and that 20% of people have some degree of dyslexia. Many have superior visual/spatial abilities. My daughter cringes whenever she sees a poorly designed logo, or a clashing interior design color combinations, but she would never publicly criticize someone for it. Be kind.

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Amy, without public call-out of errors there will be no change. Do we assume your daughter doesn’t care if she spells correctly? Is she satisfied with the unfortunate problem she lives with or does she wish it were otherwise?

Of course, nastiness is inappropriate but a universal wish for correct grammar and spelling should not be withdrawn from the public sphere simply because a small percentage of the population does not comply with them, regardless of the reason. That’s like banning peanut butter sandwiches in kids’ lunchboxes because one kid at school is allergic to peanuts.

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Thank you for understanding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am the same… Poor design/layout makes me cringe too… same as off key music since i am really fine tuned to that. But yes I always try to be as kind and nice and constructive about these things as I possibly can!

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Shaming people publicly does not lead to change either…
If that were so we would not be here because we would all be slim and healthy…

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Of course she wishes she could could spell differently, and she spent countless hours being tutored to do so, but her brain is wired differently. it is a disability. Would you shame someone in a wheelchair for not trying hard enough to walk?

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Yeah, that spelling-induced anaphylactic shock is a real killer, they say.

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Thank you Amy, for this. Misspelling and grammatically incorrect sentences frustrate me but I don’t comment on them. That was part of the reason for me making this post, as a sort of indirect way to tell people in this forum that it is “lose” not “loose”. I would cringe while reading passages but unless it is someone I know, I don’t comment on their grammar.

Also… This! My mum wanted to be a fashion designer so she took courses and fashion and stuff before changing her ambition. That means she has a thing where we have to be wearing a good colour combination of clothes, so naturally we grew up with an idea of specific combinations, we knew how to layer our clothes (especially useful for a fat person like me), correct use of black clothes and etc. My dad is a business manager for project management which means he used to show us loads of logos and ask for our opinions from a young age. Because of this, and to this day, I still cringe when somebody wears something that just does not work out, or I walk past a shop with a logo that looks like it was designed with Microsoft Word. I wouldn’t comment on the person’s clothes style because that defines who they are and I’m trying to force myself to enter those shops with horrifying logos to give them a shot, take a look inside and stop obsessing over the outside. Either way, thanks for this reply, I think we all need to get a little more open-minded and more willing to accept things. I have some very close dyslexic friends who are simply amazing at puzzles, working problems out, and absolutely awesome at being creative and artsy.

Also, that’s literally what my school does :roll_eyes:
Packed lunches are not an option, you are only allowed to eat what the school provides with the exception that you are diabetic or something. That means, I just always have to skip lunch because literally everything is “carbage”.

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Scarlet!!! Ten thousand thank-yous for a great start to my day. I thought I was alone in my word snobbery; so grateful that I’m not. Grateful too, to discover that my sense of humour is still intact. I love living here in my adopted country, but the lack of English drives me dotty sometimes. I skulk about in secondhand bookstores, in eager pursuit of that illusive thing: a book written in English, that has managed to slide under the radar and find its way to my gleeful little hands!

I myself have a low grade form of dyslexia, and have many loved ones who suffer from this. The thing is, you can almost always spot this in someone’s writing and naturally cut them a serious amount of slack. For the rest though, I think it’s just laziness/ignorance or some belief that language doesn’t matter; an inability to understand the importance of words, and as a result, a disrespect for the ideas they enable us to disseminate. And perhaps it’s just the fucking evil of auto correct or the incompetent thumbing of a cell phone!

Even keto cannot cure auto correct…

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To be fair I don’t think anyone has been trying to be offensive to anyone in particular. No one has been named and shamed. This started out as a light hearted topic about grammar and spelling that irritates some of us. I feel that we are a friendly community with shared interests and should be able to have a moan, groan and a laugh without the constant fear of offending anyone. I’m afraid that sense of humour failure is one of my sensitivities!
You have no idea how often I have checked this post for grammar and spelling :slight_smile:

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Alas, you are correct, even keto cannot cure autocorrect. I’m glad I made your day start out great. To be honest, I had no idea this post would explode as it did, it just began as a small post about what is bothering me and in no time at all, there are 120 replies. I find it rather comical that so many people replied, for some reason, I’m getting an image of a huge crowd sitting in a room on their devices muttering under their breath as they angrily write about what bothers them in this issue.

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And now I’m giggling again! Thanks keto sister… and yes, I love the image of all of us muttering over our devices! Language is more important than most people are aware of. :slight_smile: