Very serious question to put my mind at ease

(Alex ) #81

I’m an ex proof reader, and all round general OCD Anal Spelling Grammar person, I can’t stand text speak, and lazy typos do my head in.

People incorrectly spelling You’re and your are a significant bug bear of mine!

(Alex ) #82

Acronyms too, someone used the acronym “IKR” on the weekend, she was so lazy, she couldnt be bothered to write `I know, right?" on her message.

So not only was it lazy, it was also typing up rhetoric!!!


(Allie) #83

That’s rather impressive Claudia :grinning:

(Scarlett Hyde) #84

That’s actually pretty amazing, Claudia! Both my parents are polyglots but I’m the sad bean in the family who can’t speak anything other than English. Sadly, instead of picking up French or Arabic from my parents, I just picked up the accents. My dad speaks English, Moroccan Arabic, German, French, Spanish and the official Arabic (there is a big difference between Moroccan Arabic and official Arabic). My mum speaks English, French, Dutch, Moroccan Arabic and the official Arabic. Then there is me who can only speak English and tiny bits of Moroccan Arabic.

(Claudia) #85

I actually lost my Arabic when our friends left the country again, but I do speak Portuguese, French, Swiss German/German and English.
(and Japanese is work in progress)

But don’t ever ask me to write an important mail in Portuguese or French, that would be the death of me :rofl::rofl:


Speaking for myself, I have had autocorrect correct things incorrectly :wink:

Also the whole responding with a cell phone …

(Bunny) #87

Would like to add trying to fight with the automated spell and grammar checker (auto-correct) embedded in our computers and phones? Which will wreck havoc on your sanity even if you a have degree in Grammar and English!

When I try to write “keto” or “ketogenic” it changes it to “jeto” or “jetogenic” and when I try to change it, it changes right back to “jeto” or “jetogenic.”

“Lose” turns into “loose” lol

I think the automated spell and grammar checker needs to take a few refresh college courses?

Re-writes my sentences for me (it does not understand what I am writing)! So I have to edit my posts to death because of this!

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #88

With three edits on the quoted post as proof :slight_smile:

I use Swiftkey as the keyboard on my phone and find it to be truly excellent.

(Regina) #89

How’s this for the peak of (silliness?)


If you haven’t seen THIS please read immediately. You’re welcome. :smiley:


A coworker at another job had, as part of her signature block, “KRs,” (as in abbreviating “Kind regards”). I always thought, “How ‘K’ can your 'R’s really be even you can’t even be bothered to type out the phrase?”

(Alex ) #92

oh my god I hate it when people do that! KR, so annoying!

Or sometimes even just the word “Best,”

Just write a proper fucking sentence!!!

(Scarlett Hyde) #93

That helps ‘alot’, people should start raising awareness for Alot, I think Alot wants to be famous. I am happy, this is nice.


I eat alot of fat…see? Isn’t that a great picture!

(Jane Reed) #95

On another forum I visit, everyone who types “alot” has that supposed word automatically underlined and linked to a slightly snarky correction. Hah!

(Carl Keller) #96

@Regina Welcome to the age of hypersensitivity. There’s a current movement to ban Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer because his story has bullying in it… even though it ends up ending happily.

(Regina) #97

Oh @Carl - did you just make that up? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Carl Keller) #98

I wish I did:

I do enjoy listening to Tucker Carlson whine… he’s so good at it.

(Regina) #99

Utterly ridiculous!!!

(Katie) #100

Lol, this is Matt’s from KetoConnect peeve as well. It is just a common grammatical error.