Very serious question to put my mind at ease

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THIS IS NOT an AMerican thing. This is a typo or poor grammar thing. Which in hindsight, MIGHT make it an American thing lol. I’m part American so boo hiss elsewhere lol :wink:

As a former editor myself, I cringe. ALL. THE. TIME. I really feel your pain. Oh - don’t get me started on “avacados” either ha!

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Funny, but my sons are 33 and 24 and both use perfect English when texting and no shortcuts, acronyms, etc. Not just me but their friends, which I found kinda weird.

When my youngest meets me for lunch he never takes out his phone and it is a point of pride with him. I must have done something wrong!!! :rofl:


At least you didn’t call me a Grammar Nazi like so many of my on-line friends.

This topic is loosely based on losing weight but hopefully not to the point we lose our minds over some of our friends here playing fast and loose with our sometimes hopelessly lost language.

Now, fellow former editor, diagram the above run-on sentence without a loss of meaning. Lol.


I don’t want to labor/labour over the point or stir shit/shite up but why do you Brits spell words so funny?

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Here is a Facebook status that I posted in October of 2015:


To “lose” is to suffer loss. This can pertain to a tangible object, a game, weight, etc. Any time you fail to retain something you “lose” it. To “loose” something is to set it free. You might loose an arrow or the dogs. For example, if someone says, “who let the dogs out?”, you might respond, “that was me. I loosed them.” In addition, “loose” is something that is not affixed tightly or firmly.

“The latch on my gate has come loose and I need to fix it or my dog will get loose and I’ll lose him”.

See how easy that was? This has been a public service announcement from your friendly volunteer grammar teacher (who hasn’t had her coffee yet).”


Got it. Next time someone asks me how I was ‘set free’ from all my excess weight, I’ll let them know that I ‘loosed’ it through keto. :wink:

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My sister doesn’t count, we shame everything about each other, there are times when I shame her for her voice (when she’s whining) or she shames my walking (don’t ask, I’ve got no clue what is wrong with my walking), one thing she loves to criticise is my keto lifestyle.
To be honest, I didn’t realise that this topic would blow up so much, waking up to 40 replies is not normal to me. The funny thing is, it was a joke, I just thought of a pet peeve and decided to post it with a little more drama. Loads of people took it seriously though. Actually, in regards to the English language, I have a terrible accent, both my parents learnt English as a second language, so naturally they have a bit of a French accent, which means I grew up saying the French way of “develop” or “development” (look up how to say “develop” in French.


Ah, so you’re French.

In that case is it acceptable grammar to say that losing weight has resulted in my clothes being Toulouse? :smiley:


Take it to the ‘Bad Pun’ thread you :laughing:

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:grin: Somebody turn on the Lau(gh) trec.


Noice :smile:

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I usually don’t answer to this kind of threads and just ignore “Grammar Nazis” but since you genuinely seem to want to know, I will try to give an explanation that maybe not everyone could give.

I am half Swiss /half Brazilian, so German and Portuguese are my native languages. with 4 years I basically spoke both languages fluently and even picked up some Arab on the way because my parents had Egyptian friends.

Instead of trying to have any empathy for the fact that this is actually quite amazing, people kept making fun of me for messing up the letters being slow at reading and writing… I had some light form of dyslexia and also developed ADHD which I now know probably came from super high sugar consumption, which only made matters worse.
Non of this was diagnosed, since this was not really common at the time, you were eighter a smart or a dumb kid.

The bullying (teachers and other students alike) really kept me from wanting to read anything, enjoy studying and expanding my horizon (which is now my biggest goal in life)

I now can speak 4 languages and am learning a 5th one just for the fun of it, I fought to get my joy of reading back and developed strategies to improve my grammar.
I am not perfect at writing in any of them but I acknowledge that I am not dumb, but that my talents lie in other parts of life and I do what I can to improve, but I also rather spend my energy on more productive matters than worrying about an extra ‘o’ or an ’ in the wrong spot.

Small words can have great impact on people and cause years of suffering and self doubt.
And there is no way to know what a person has been trough and that such “small and easy thing” might not be easy for someone else.

Just some food for thought :relaxed::relaxed:


Well said Claudia. Five languages is an amazing skill when most of us still struggle with one. Much respect!

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Thanks so much :relaxed: My point is also that someone might just be really good at something else.
It’s just really easy to categorize into “bad” and “good”, “right” and “wrong” if you don’t have all the facts…


Unfortunately that sentence sums up the current state of social media the world over. :slightly_frowning_face:

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That’s an unnecessarily restricted statement, that one, I’m afraid…

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i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say mainly because people are dumb. you’re welcome.


Not if you frequent Facebook and Twitter enough. (Obviously I’m not referring to the great folk here on the Ketogenic forum)

btw in case you misunderstood, I was agreeing with Hardrock_keto_chick’s statement, not criticising it.